Monday, May 31, 2010

1992 ProSport Peanuts Classics Series 2

I received this pack as part of a recent non-sport purchase.  As it turned out, there were some sport-related packs of cards in the mix after all!  I had never heard of these before, and when I saw there was a chance of pulling a "Stan Musial Hologram," well, I jumped at the chance to open it.

The cards feature a gold or silver border on the front with the "Peanuts" logo.  In the center, a single comic panel related to baseball appears.  While this is a very cool thing to behold, it was not until I flipped the card over that I gazed upon the true coolness of the card:

On the back of each card, a full comic strip depicts the scene on the front plus the rest of the story for context!  Also on the back, the card number and a tiny Snoopy "Classics" logo.  There is no copyright information, so I had to poke around online to find the date of production. Turns out, these were made over the course of several years.  I just picked the 'middle' one for good measure.

Because there are 10 cards in the pack, I will show some of the backs on here, but will mainly focus on the fronts for this post.  You can find the backs of all the cards in another post on "A Pack To Be Named Later" (link below).

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