Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2009 UD Signature Stars

*Pfff* *Pfff* Whoa, what is up with all the dust around here?  This is a pack a *DAY* right?  Man, we need to step up, fellow bloggers!

The 2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars cards come in a box that lets you know in BIG, BOLD PRINT that these cards are NOT AUTHORIZED by the MLB.  I'm sure if I look hard enough, I will find a little logo of a guy sticking his tongue out on there somewhere.

Each Signature Stars box comes with an autographed card.  What that really means is that of the whole six packs you get, one of the packs has an autographed card in it.  Though I opened all six packs, I will only show the one with the "hit" in it. 

First up, Jason Kubel - Twins.  I actually like the looks of these cards a lot.  The picture is center and large enough that the starred border does not take away from the player.  The player's name, city name and position are shown at the top along with the UD logo.  The "SignatureStars" script is centered at the bottom. 
Next up, Brian Roberts - Orioles.  The backs of the cards mimic the name/city at the top, then some biographical info is provided along with a paragraph about the player.  At the bottom of the back are stats from the last four years or so.  They are very clean without a lot of distraction (though the back does have the same starred design altered slightly from the front)
Third, we have the signature card.  This is the "hit" of the box.  This is the reason this box retailed for $30 when first sold.  Who is the reason?  Jason Anderson - Royals.  I don't follow KC, so I don't know if I struck gold or struck out.  Given my genral history with such things, I'm guessing the latter.
Fourth, batting clean-up is Andruw Jones - Rangers.  Oh sure, I couldn't get HIS auto...
And rounding out the pack, we find Pablo Sandoval - Giants.

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