Friday, January 25, 2013

1988 Donruss

It's the junkiest of the junkwax.
Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
420 Mike Henneman
418 Mark Williamson
419 Bill Schroeder (Woohoo, Brewers TV color man!)
17 Tommy John DK
300 Checklist
417 Curt Ford (Some pretty weird numbering in this pack so far.)
416 Brian Dayett
414 Damaso Garcia (At least these will be easy to sort.)
415 Brian Fisher
413 Nick Esasky
412 Greg Gross
411 Shane Mack
410 Dave Smith (Perpetually sunburnt on cards.)
409 Jim Winn
39 Kirt Manwaring RR
That was a pack of baseball cards of statistical significance only. I ended up needing 10 of the 15 cards, and some of the doubles actually went into the set as condition upgrades. Yeah, my '88 Donruss pile is an ugly bastard.


Bo said...

That was the usual numerical collation for a Donruss pack in 1988, as well as the next few years. It sucked if you got a pack from the same point in the set that you already had one - could be a whole pack of doubles.

halos17 said...

I've got a stack of doubles from this set that I'd be willing to trade if you have a wantlist? I kind of like collecting the junk wax cuz it's cheap!

Lemme know and I'll shoot you a wantlist of my own.