Thursday, March 06, 2008

Okay, I give: 2008 Topps Heritage

Believe it or not, this is the first time I've ever bought a pack of Topps Heritage. I hadn't been a diehard collector during the Heritage Years, but here we are. I flirted with buying a box, but my hobby store was selling them for $85. Funk dat (possibly NSFW). Three packs will have to do for now...for now.

Pack 1:
73 Dustin Pedroia - The back has a darling cartoon of Dustin and a teammate hugging.

209 Lance Berkman
20 Jeff Kent
419 Braves Team Card - The checklist on the back features some of the autographs and relics. What are the odds that I pull a Bob Gibson tonight?
140 Bronson Sardinha RC Rookie Stars - Bronson haunts my every move. I bought a single pack of Upper Deck, and he was there. Now he's in my first pack of Heritage. I surrender!
313 Kei Igawa - A hideously ugly international Yankee two-fer.
179 Austin Kearns
45 Chris Ray black number variation - Hey, an Oriole and a variation! We're 1 for 1.

Pack 2:
309 Craig Monroe - Expertly (ha) Photoshopped into a Twins uni.
157 Aramis Ramirez
75 Cole Hamels - How I long for the day when I can call a $500,000 salary a "low blow".
115 Ryan Garko
406 Aubrey Huff - Another Oriole, though not my favorite. I love a joke as much as the next guy, but you don't call my hometown "horses***", chappy.
67 Rich Hill - Unless the Cubs are ready to part with him, they better not planning on penciling Brian Roberts into their lineup.
C13 J. J. Putz Chrome 1945/1959 - The stupid brick background doesn't look so bad when it's shinified.

127 Alberto Gonzalez RC Rookie Stars black number - I hate him for what he's done to our Constitution, but...what? Different guy? Okay.

Pack 3:
269 Horacio Ramirez - The Topps copy writers seem to be blaming his crappiness on poor health. Riiiight.
152 Brian Bannister - I'm now a fan of this guy.

329 Tigers Team Card - Checklist for #429-#476.
86 Alex Gordon
361 Joe Borowski - One of only two players to ever wear #77 for the Orioles. Gee, where did I find that out? Hint hint.
24 Felix Hernandez
BF8 Mickey Mantle Flashbacks: Mick's 11th Hour Heroics - Hey, it's a card with Mickey hitting a home run! *sobs quietly*
267 Xavier Nady black number - Hey, he's not as bad as I thought. Guess I just assumed, since he was a Pirate and all...

So, this is a right purty set. We'll see if I have the strength and liquid assets to complete it. In the meantime, I have some reasonably fresh gum to chew. Mmm, gum.

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morineko said...

Wow, you got Bannister and Gordon in the same pack. I don't blame you for liking Bannister. He gives great Q&A and he's a fantastic pitcher besides. I saw him pitch at the Metrodome last September and he's more incredible to watch than you think his slow stuff would indicate. :) (This was the same game in which Gordon hit two home runs into the upper deck in right field, one going straight through the access steps into the concourse.)