Thursday, August 20, 2009

2006 Upper Deck Update

Brandon League
Javy Lopez - Certainly not just another ho-hum pic of a catcher.
Emiliano Fruto
B.J. Upton - Following through with an attitude.
Jeffrey Karstens
Aubrey Huff - Recently traded to the Tigers. Here he is rocking the throwbacks for the 'Stros.
Cory Morris
Ichiro--Mariners Checklist - I seem to pull Ichiro cards way more often than cards of other superstars. Not that I mind. He is one of my favorite players to watch. Simply a magician.
What an enormous set. The M's checklist is card number 1245. I don't care much for the design, but I like the photos. I will certainly miss the full bleed photo next year if Upper Deck decides not to go the logo-less route.


Paul said...

What can I trade you for the Ichiro? I need it for my son's set.

Don't know what I will do next year for him. I am putting together UD sets from his birth year (2002) and on. I picked UD, figuring it would be around a long time. Not looking forward to next years "non-logo" set.

I put together Topps for my other son.

skoormit said...

Paul, send me an email (skoormitatgmaildotcom). I've got a couple other UD Ichiros as well. I seem to pull him out of every other pack. Not that I mind; he's one of my all-time faves.

chris OK said...

Is the Upton available for trade?

skoormit said...


I also have the 09 Topps Upton/Crawford/Longoria card #246 in the Target retro version.

Send me an email: skoormitATgmail