Monday, August 03, 2009

1991 Studio

Here's the second pack from the best repack box ever [/heavy sarcasm].

Ozzie Smith - C'mon, Oz, don't be shy. Show us those pearly whites. And that better be your index finger.
Jeff Reardon - Beard!
Bret Saberhagen - Looks a little skeezy here.
Harold Reynolds - Before he was the best studio analyst in the biz.
Frank Thomas - Dig the fade, man.
Kirby Puckett - The bat to head studio thing is a bit overdone in this set, I fear.
Gary Scott - Uh, who? First guy in the pack I couldn't tell you a thing about. Here's the back.
Looks like he had the same taste in TV as my mom.
Kevin McReynolds - So dreamy.
Matt Williams - See what I mean about the bat thing?
Mike Scott - Looking like Andre the Giant. Just a bit? Maybe? Ok, fine.
Rod Carew Puzzle Piece - Probably the most boring piece I could get.

A typical Studio experience. Even with three HOFers (I'm counting the Big Hurt) and five members of the Hall of Very Good in a ten-card pack, it's still just kind of boring. The Ozzie is the only memorable card. If anyone wants any of these, give me a shout.

Those of you who haven't submitted your guesses for the contest, there's still time. Midnight tonight is the cutoff.


Aaron said...

If I win the Cali vs World contest, I'd like the Frank Thomas card and the puzzle piece. No kidding.

Aaron said...

In fact, I've been accumulating those puzzle pieces, trying to finish all the puzzles Donruss made. I have several finished, but not the Carew for some reason...

--David said...

I have a Roberto Alomar that shows him with a shocked look on his face and he is in some kind of spread out stance as the ball is entering his glove. It is hideously great stuff.

skoormit said...

Aaron, send me an email (name AT gmail) so I can send you the Big Hurt and the puzzle piece.