Sunday, August 16, 2009

2009 Topps Magic Football

When opening this pack, I felt a few too many "Who?" moments. This is a combination of not being extremely knowledgeable about football personnel and not being able to see a player in his NFL uniform. For the sake of the readers, I've included the college team of each player (which the backs of the cards do state) as well as his professional team(s) (which is nowhere to be found on the cards themselves).

235 Kenny Britt (Rutgers/Titans) *Drafted 30th in 2009 first round

AD-BE Alumni Tom Brady/Braylon Edwards (Michigan/Patriots, Browns)

191 John Carlson Mini (Notre Dame/Seahawks)

198 Joey Galloway (Ohio State/Seahawks, Cowboys, Buccaneers, Partiots)

49 David Anderson (Colorado State/Texans)

152 Drew Henson (Michigan/Cowboys, Vikings, Lions, current free agent)

The Big Ten (11) was well-represented in this pack. Interesting idea for a set, but hard to take seriously when you get a QB with only 20 all-time NFL passing ATTEMPTS in a pack. I understand the focus is on collegiate performance in this set, but greater emphasis needed to be placed on professional achievements when choosing players.

Oh, and in the interest of synergy, I've chosen what I think should have been the official song of 2009 Topps Magic Football. Others have had their say, but as anyone who watched a lot of daytime syndicated TV in the mid-1990s ( hourlong blocks of Wonder Years reruns, if I was lucky enough), a better song choice for this brand has to be something from the ubiquitous 1970s disco/pop compilation CD commericals that played at nearly every break. With further ado...

Oh, and if you want to get in on a great contest with a pretty nice payoff...


night owl said...

I agree:

Although dayf doesn't seem to like the song.

shanediaz82 said...

I don't even collect football but I would've been psyched with Tom Brady and recent Pats acquisition Joey Galloway in the same pack.

Tom said...

I bought #245 (Bomar) last week. For some strange reason I like these cards (and I, too, don't even collect football cards). The only thing I don't like about Magic is that they seem impossible to scan without seeming to look blurry.

And for some other strange reason I always liked that Pilot song...

Paul said...

I've always liked that song too. Not really sure why.

Since I have young kids, I keep seeing the "new" version by that kid on the Disney channel.