Monday, August 03, 2009

Cali vs World contest - Pack 4

Thanks for all the guesses folks. Competition will be tight. Looks like Cali is a heavy favorite, and some of you (I won't name names) think that I won't find any Bama Boys in these packs. We shall see, mi compadres, we shall see. Here is pack 4:

Kevin Seitzer - Have we seen him before? (Hint: Yes) Will we see him again? (Hint: Yes)
Jose Guzman (P.R.)
Tom Nieto (Downey, CA) - Neato! I think I will start punning now. Those who are averse to ridiculously tortured wordplay should turn back now. At least Tom here looks mildly enthusiastic.
Manny Trillo (Venezuela) - Not the Manly Trio, which is Me, Myself, and I.
Jack Morris - Unpunnable. But the Dupe Parade marches along.
Jeff Montgomery - Montgomery is the capital of Alabama. Does that count as a Bama Boy?
Mitch Webster - Just me, or does he look like he just got shot in the back?
Claudell Washington (L.A.)
Mike Hart - At least his last name isn't Hunt.
Rick Schu - Gesundheit.
Willie Randolph - Or won't he? Or will he R-U-N-N-O-F-T?
Jack Clark - Another dupe. If I somone made me Chief Nicknamer, this guy would be Jack "Lark" Clark. Nothing like playing off of a glottal stop. I'm just getting warmed up, folks. I have a deep and varied bag of tricks.
Gary Thurman - I think the photographer pissed him off. Or maybe he doesn't like my material.
Kent Tekulve - Oh c'mon, you can tkell me!
Jerry Reuss - I'm getting a nice stack of tradeable doubles. I'll make a killing down at the playground after school. Maybe I can get a Gregg Jefferies rookie.
Dave Palmer - Palmer? He barely knows her.
Johnny Ray
Tim Raines - All Star
Ken Dixon - I flatly refuse to riff on that name. This is a family blog.
Mike LaValliere - This one just depends on how you pronounce it. I prefer "La Valley Air." And then the joke just depends on which valley you want to make fun of. I'd do one on the Oxmoor Valley, but no one would get it. Which I guess is how it goes with most of my puns.
Niekro Brothers - Record Breaker
Al Nipper (San Diego) - No, let me do it. I know her better.
Checklist 1-132 - Oh goodie, now I can make sure I get the whole set of this masterpiece.
Don Schulze - Schools? Shultz? Shultzuh? I can't work with this one.
Dave Concepcion (Venezuela) - I'll just call him "Immaculate" and move on.
Dave LaPoint - A little too on LaNose.
Randy Bush - Oh, no. I wouldn't touch this one with a Ken "Foot" Dixon.
Junior Ortiz (P.R.) - See this facial expression? This is the normal reaction to my puns. It's something I like to call "bewildered amusement."
That's all folks. I'm here all week. Tip your servers.


Cali - 3
World - 4
Terrible Puns - Eleventeen.

The World closes the gap a bit. Score now stands Cali 19, World 13. Still no Bama Boys.


Andy said...

According to this there were only 19 major leaguers from Alabama in 1988.

Looking right here I find the following: Doyle Alexander, Bruce Benedict, Jeff Brantley, Jerry Hairston, Albert Hall, Bo Jackson, Pat Keedy, Jimmy Key, Terry Leach, Sap Randall (WHO??), Gary Redus, Steve Shields, Ozzie Smith, Van Snider, Don Sutton, Lou Thornton, Jay Tibbs, Willie Wilson, and Eric Yelding.

Brantley doesn't have a card in the set, nor does Randall, Lou Thornton, Eric Yelding, or Van Snider.

Andre Thornton wasn't active in 1988 but has a card in the set.

That gives you 15 cards out of 792 for your 'Bama boys.

Scab said...

Seitzer cards always make me happy. I used to watch him bat and sometimes reminded me of a righty Will Clark.

--David said...

I tipped my servers, now everyone is complaining they can't email.

skoormit said...

@Andy: Nice research. I don't suppose you checked if there is anyone in the 1988 Topps set that was not active in the majors in 1988? Maybe someone retired after 1987, or missed a season due to injury, or Topps printed a rookie card but the guy didn't make the big leagues yet. The next question will be math: If a set of 792 cards has 15 Bama Boys, what are my chances of pulling a Bama Boy in a pack of 28 cards, assuming all 28 cards are unique? What are my chances in ten packs of 28 unique cards each? Bonus points: Given that I have pulled zero cards after four packs, what is my mean total expectation of Bama Boys in the remaining six packs?

skoormit said...

@Scab: I was a big Seitzer fan in 1988, mostly because he led the league in hits that year as a rookie. At that point in my baseball strategy development, I thought lots of hits was better than fewer hits with more home runs. Sure it was popular to like McGwire and all his homeruns, but I was taking the more cerebral position that Seitzer was more valuable.

skoormit said...

@David: Terrible. Good job.