Thursday, August 27, 2009

2009 O-Pee-Chee Blaster Pack

This is pack the third from a blaster. My scanner had difficulties finding the bottom of the first two cards. Dunno why. Any scanner experts out there can clue me in?

Matt Diaz - For a backup catcher, you could do far worse.
Grady Sizemore - Young, handsome, talented, and wealthy. I hate him. His early career doesn't look quite HOF-caliber, but if he can turn in a stellar 5-year run and have a long and gentle decline phase, he can get there.

Derrek Lee (Black Border) - I normally don't like studio shots on a card, but for some reason this one clicks for me. Maybe it's the white background and the no-nonsense stare. This just looks like an old-school card.
David Patton - Yeah, it's the gray background I don't like.

Geovany Soto - Three straight Cubbies. There's nothing quite as exciting as a catcher with zero career SBs on the basepaths, wreaking havoc.
Andy Pettitte - Such a shame--if you photoshop the cameraman out of this shot, you have a really nice card. He's looking at the viewer and about to tip his cap. A nice moment to see on a card.


Paul said...

I bet that Pettitte photo is from the last game at the old stadium

skoormit said...

It could be. Which would make it even more awesome if they had taken the cameraman out of it. I mean, if you are going to do something silly like p-shop an ump out of a card, why not do something that makes sense?