Wednesday, August 26, 2009

2008 Bowman

This is the last pack from the veryverybad repack.

Ryan Howard - This is my favorite card I've opened this year. What is the big fella doing? My best guess is he is telling the runner coming home to slide. But that's not why this card is awesome. Check out the guy in the first row:

It's a freaking ZZ Top leprechaun. Can this be real, or did some photo artist at Topps have a little fun with this one? Help me out, Phillies fans. Is this guy behind the home dugout a lot?

Melvin Mora
Bartolo Colon
Dontrelle Willis - Looks like he's warming up in a dugout somewhere.
Adrian Gonzalez - Is having a career peak year right now. I'm surprised the Pads didn't deal him at the deadline.
Angel Reyes (Prospect) - A baseball nobody with about zero chance of playing in the majors.

Bobby Parnell (Prospect) - An actual big leaguer, but not a very good one.

Wesley Wright (Chrome Prospect) - Shoot yes, a Bama Boy! Not a very good big leaguer, but he's from Montgomery, so he goes in the Bama binder.

Jonah Nickerson (Chrome Prospect) - A 24yr-old doing poorly in AA.

Jason Varitek (Gold) - I like the way the gold signature looks. The scan did not pick it up well. I probably wouldn't mind getting the DBacks set of these.

That's about what I expected from Bowman. I never buy packs of Bowman because I don't want cards of unknown career minor leaguers. That said, I do tend to like the designs and will pick up the DBack vets in trades when I can. I think the golds look rather nice.

That wraps up the repack. I won't buy one from Champion again, but I will buy others, if for no other reason than to have material for APAD. First I have an OPC blaster to make all of you sick of. Stay tuned tomorrow.


LongFlyBall said...

It may just be me but that looks suspiciously like Joaquin Phoenix.

skoormit said...

I was thinking Danny Devito, but sure, we'll go with Phoenix.

Anonymous said...

Topps/Bowman was lucky that guy on the Howard card didn't get the chance to turn it into a case of indecent exposure. Sunglasses + Trenchcoat + Beard usually = a dangling participle blowing in the wind. Crisis averted!