Saturday, August 29, 2009

2009 O-Pee-Chee Blaster Pack

This blaster pack pleads the fifth.
Miguel Tejada - 1) I like the card; Miggy looks all intense, ready for the pitch. 2) There's enough scoreboard showing that we should be able to play What Game Is This From. Who is up for it? First one with the correct answer gets a few cards from my collection.

Adam Wainwright - About to throw a breaking ball. Pujols squats in the background.

Randy Wolf (Black Border) - I admit, I like getting one black-bordered card per pack. I have no rational explanation. Apparently the contrived parallels approach can work even on someone as stony and stubborn as me.

Cincinnati Reds Team Checklist - Good lord what a beautiful view.

Francisco Liriano - Conspicuously not showing a slider grip.

Endy Chavez - How is this guy still playing in the big leagues? He's a terrible hitter, and his defense isn't great. He did make one of the all-time best postseason catches in the 2006 NLCS.


Brock said...

Love this feature!

I'm going with August 10, 2008. The 61 on the scoreboard represents Livan Hernandez and he's certainly bad enough to give up nine runs in a start.

Retrosheet backs me up:

Brock said...

To clarify, that would make the game on the card a 13 to 4 Houston win at Cincinnati.

Good day for the Astros, so-so for Tejada (1 for 5, but with 5 assists in the field--by product of his intensity, no doubt).

skoormit said...

Looks like Brock is entirely correct. Here's something really interesting: in that SD-COL game, Livan was pulled immediately after giving up a home run to Jody Gerut that made the score 9-0. So there was a very short span of time during which the scoreboard would show Livan's #61 and the 9-0 score. Brock, send me an email (skoormit at gmail) and let me know who your favorite teams/players are and where I should mail a few to.