Friday, August 21, 2009

2009 UD Spectrum - Talk about your purple cow!

Hello. My Name is David, also known as Tribecards. I have a problem. I'm addicted to wax. Not the candle kind, or the kind they used to use to make those goofy teeth or mini bottle of juice, but the kind that are not-quite-square pieces of cardboard.

I know the addiction is strong because I continue to buy re-pack boxes, knowing full well there will be very little worth buying it for. But, you see, there will be wax. Oh, yes, there will be.

And so it is that in a recent repack box, I came across a pack of 2009 UD Spectrum cards. I did a quick search on here and found no related posts. First of all, I found that very odd. Secondly, I can understand why.

These cards are purple. Shiny and purple. These cards are Jimi Hendrix and Prince wrapped up in the guise of baseball collecting. The scan caused the light to do weird things, so the purpleness of these things doesn't come across. But, trust me, only Barney has more purple on him... Well, maybe that Tinkle-winkle thing or whatever it was called - tubertellies or something? I dunno.

First up, we have Carlos Beltran (Mets) and Carlos Zambrano (Cubs):

The front of the cards are, well, purple. They look like they wanted to be UD "X" cards, but missed. They have a "Hollywood lights" style effect, but it gets lost in all the purple. There is a bit of white also. The UD logo is in the top corner, the player is 'cutout' in the center. At the bottom, the word "SPECTRUM" along with the player's position, team logo, and uni number. The player's name appears in a semi-italic font at the bottom.

BJ Upton (Rays) and Dan Haren (Diamondbacks, though wearing an A's uni) rounds out the four Spectrum cards in the pack:

But, wait! There's more! This pack also features a UD 20th Anniversary card. On it, Griffey Sr and Jr are shown together. The subtitle: Griffey Sr retires after 19 seasons:"

How cool would it be to be playing baseball right along side your Dad (or favorite male relative)? I think it would have been awesome.

I also scanned the backs of the 20th Ann card and the Beltran:

I don't ever remember seeing these cards on the rack at Wal-Mart or Target at all. Then again, I may have been subconsciously avoiding the purple packaging...


opoohwan said...

Why is Haren in an A's uniform in a 2009 set? Too difficult to find time last year to take a photo?

skoormit said...

Haren in an A's uniform is the entire reason I will not buy any of this product. So lazy.

Paul said...

If you can't have the card match the uniform, don't even bother. This is one of my biggest pet peeves.