Monday, August 10, 2009

Cali vs World contest - Pack 9

Bret Saberhagen - This is a much better pic of him than the one from Studio '91.Bob Kipper
Bobby Meacham (L.A.)
Fernando Venezuela (Mexico) - Throwing the ol' scroogie.
Kirk McCaskill (Canada) - The first Canuck we've pulled.
Jimmy Key (Huntsville, AL) - Bama Boy! My 7th grade Social Studies teacher claimed that he was a former student of hers. She was a little nuts, though, so who knows. Key had a decent career. Four-time All-Star, twice was a Cy Young runner-up.
Jim Presley
Ken Landreaux (L.A.)
Luis Aguayo (P.R.)
Jim Clancy
Phil Bradley
Mickey Tettleton
Jerry Don Gleaton
Mike Greenwell - The Sons of Sam Horn exult.
Rangers Leaders - They look like they are having a great time.
Blue Jays Leaders
Joe Hesketh
Willie Randolph - All-Star
Luis Salazar (Venezuela)
Cardinals Leaders
Steve Lombardozzi
Duane Ward
Jeff Stone
Shawon Dunston - Looking every bit of those 175 lbs.
Dave Henderson (Mercedes, CA) - Hendu lights up the card with a toothy smile.
Jeff Musselman - Rookie Cup = scan. Jeff here graduated from Harvard in '85.
Red Sox Leaders - That's four Leaders cards in the pack. This one has Wade Boggs and someone who is not Wade Boggs.
Bert Blyleven (Holland) - Should be in the Hall.

World - 5Cali - 3
The World goes global, adding Mexico, Canada, and the Netherlands to their roster, but they can only put a dent in Cali's lead. Cali 52, World 31. Bama Boys: 2.


Kris said...

In one of Bill James' early Baseball Abstracts, he did something on why such a disproportionate amount of ball players hailed from California.

I've long sold the books for a couple grand (who woulda thunk it,) but I seemingly recall he couldn't find a single variable that correlated properly and ended with "it just does."

skoormit said...

Well, it's a lot of population and a lot of sunshine year round.

Texas and Florida can make the same claim, but football is a bigger deal in those states, so they produce a lot of football players, although I think I remember a study from about five years ago that found that the most D-1 football players per capita was produced by Alabama. I would not be surprised to find that Cali produces the most D-1 baseball players per capita.