Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2007 Topps

Here's the next one from the evil repack box. At least now we've left the absolute dregs and are into the stuff I kind of expected. Still, I expected more than a 6-card pack.

Jeremy Brown - Bama Boy! Jeremy is from Birmingham, and went to Hueytown high school and then played for the Crimson Tide. He received the Johnny Bench award as the best college catcher. He is most famous for being drafted by the A's in the first round of the Moneyball draft.
Kip Wells
Erik Bedard - Captured the split second before footplant and hip rotation. Effort incarnate.
Jason Kendall - Still merits a scan IMHO. He's a mere shadow of what he once was: one of the best-hitting young catchers ever. He's also 6th all-time in times hit by a pitch.
Bobby Jenks - Birmingham on the Back. Notice the tiny size of the picture on the back (which is cropped from the picture on the front). And notice all the space around it. Why not expand it a bit, and make it a worthwhile element in the design?
Raul Ibanez - I need a newer Ibanez for my Sunday Best series. This one will at least add some variety until I snag another one off of Sportlots or in a random pack.

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