Tuesday, May 13, 2008

1992 Score: Gradients A-Go-Go!

Here's the other El Cheapo pack I nabbed last week. Hopefully its feel-good vibes will help remind the Orioles of better times, and power them to a win over the Boston Pink Hats. A man can dream...

128 Carlos Baerga - He was a beast in the mid-90's.

132 Rance Mulliniks - Do you think his parents had a speech impediment?

148 Felix Fermin - Shown turning two as current O's first base coach John "T-Bone" Shelby barrels into second.

152 Kevin Reimer - As far as namesakes go, he's no Kevin Appier, but at least he's not Kevin Polcovich.

368 Tim Belcher - He was a former #1 overall pick of the Twins in 1983, but did not sign. That was a pretty lousy first round other than that #19 guy. And I hate that #19 guy.

372 Lee Stevens - Had an alter-ego, Steven Lee, who was a rodeo clown.

388 Rafael Ramirez - A name that dayf knows all too well.

392 Dean Palmer - I have this bizarre random memory of watching a Brewers-Rangers game on ESPN in 1993 at my friend Steve's house. We were playing the ultra-mature game of "Who ate the fart?" and one of us decided that Dean Palmer ate the fart. Poor guy. (Disclaimer: I was eleven years old.)

299 Wally Whitehurst - Sounds like a children's book character. "Wally Whitehurst and the Terrible, No Good Mets"?

296 Terry Leach - Great action shot of his sidearm delivery.

293 Thomas Howard - If he played today, they'd probably call him "Tho-Ho".

298 Lance Parrish - A strong photo of Lance waiting for the throw home as Albert Belle slides in is ruined by the stupid orange gradient bar that cuts off half of Belle. Ugh.

53 Doug Jones - Shown throwing his trademark pitch, the Mustacheball.

67 Mike Harkey - Apparently he went on the D.L. for the fourth time in three seasons in 1991. That tells you all you really need to know about Mike.

73 Juan Samuel - Currently serves as the Orioles' half-blind third base coach. I am not a fan.

87 Randy Milligan - Yes! He was called "Moose" in Baltimore before that Mike Mussina guy.


dayf said...

Ah, Raffy... A name I know and love.

Jason T. Carter said...

Harkey signs TTM. He is a bullpen coach for the Yanks.