Wednesday, May 21, 2008

2006 Fleer Ultra

All right, 2006 Fleer Ultra. This is a retail pack that was ganked out of a blaster as it has no barcode on the back. It's one of the skimpy 5 card packs as well, but that just means a higher insert to card ratio. I hope Upper Deck doesn't murder Ultra like they did Fleer. It's not Ultra's fault that UD screwed up the product last year. Time to open this little neglected pack.

143 Aaron Harang - Woefully underrated pitcher.
87 Juan Pierre - These guys say it better than I could.
31 Carlos Lee - Carlos also seems under appreciated to me until I remember 100 million ways he is very much appreciated.
SOK5 Curt Schilling Strikeout Kings - I'm not a huge fan of Curt, but 3,116 strikeouts is pretty damn kingly.
86 Gold A.J. Burnett - Why do I hate Bowman's gold parallels like death, but love Ultra's Gold Medallion cards? There is no logic behind my collecting.

Not bad for a little five card pack. The next pack from my cube is a six card pack that is not likely to be nearly as interesting. Topps Ahoy!

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sruchris said...

If you don't need those, I may still need some of those '06 Ultra.