Monday, May 12, 2008

2008 Upper Deck

This was the last pack in the box so I thought what the hell. If it sucked I could blame everyone else who bought packs from that box for leaving me the rotten pack.

64 Jason Isringhausen
103 Mark Hendrickson
181 Chris Young
298 Jason Giambi
116 Bengie Molina
77 Aramis Ramirez
38 Frank Thomas
194 Antonio Alfonseca
17 Brad Ausmus
111 Matt Cain
99-TE Miguel Tejada Jersey
228 Mike Lowell
252 Zack Greinke
213 Justin Benoit
174 Danys Baez
311 Jeff Clement RC
392 Jimmy Rollins
329 Jose Morales RC
371 Freddy Sanchez checklist
302 Josh Anderson RC

Jersey in the last pack, gotta love it. No pack searching at that store. Ok, so it's Miguel Tejada. I still think Miguel is a star despite the Mitchell Report, B-12 shots and funky birth certificate. Dude can still rake, and I've pulled such winner jerseys as Jacque Jones and Gustavo Chacin out of UD packs this year so I'll take Miggys all the live long day. The best part is the swatch has a stitch going through it and the bottom is frayed with a big string hanging out. I consider these mutant swatches just a bit below swatches with pinstripes in terms of desirability. I'll take a weirdo swatch over a boring one color patch card any day. Here's a few other cards I like out of the pack:

The best thing about this picture of Big Hurt is not him lounging in the grass, it's that you can't really see the logo of the rat fink Blue Jays and you can pretend that's a White Sox warm up he's wearing.

I know Mike Lowell is in the middle of a bang-bang play where he probably rifles the ball to first and throws out the runner by nanometers but the exact moment captured here makes him look like he's in mid prance about to throw like a little girl. No, that's unfair. Little girls know not to throw limp wristed like that and to put their body into the throw to get some zing on it.

Now that's putting your whole body in the throw! Good lord, Phillies uniforms must be made out of Kevlar spandex!

This is a big Pet Peeve with me this year, Josh Anderson got traded to the Braves over the offseason. Upper Deck got the memo as you can see here but every stinking Topps card so far has him as a member of the Astros. They just now figured it out with Co-Signers, which is a product I won't buy because it's too damn expensive. Topps is frustratin' me man, which is why I'm buying the last Upper Deck pack in the box instead of a Topps product.

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The Baseball Card Snob said...

This annoys me for the opposite reason. Ok, the guy got traded, leave the card as is. Correct it in an updated or series 3 card.

If you're a team set collector, what team does he go to. He's wearing an Astro's uni, but it has a Braves logo.

Put out the update card, this is not difficult, and it will make you more money.