Friday, May 02, 2008

2008 Moments & Milestones and housekeeping stuff

Ok, I just wanted to update everyone on the contest from last week... All the prizes have been shipped, the last one went out today. Yeah, I know, it's been like two weeks. Four went out on Wednesday and burnsee2 's was mailed today because I screwed up the zip code the first time. I'm slow, but it's free, so tough. Everyone received a bubble mailer full of cards of their (hopefully) favorite team and mmosely won first prize for guessing the pack with the hit. Here's what he won:

Woooooo a relic card! That's not all though, darkship guessed who was on the jersey card I pulled (or half of it anyway) and he gets the Grande Premio:

I really hope the 'ship is a Royals fan because he'll be in for a bit of a shock otherwise. I hope everyone who won enjoys their prize, I'll be doing another one of these box breaks around the All-Star Game or maybe a little soon, who knows. Here's a pack of junk for anyone who made it through reading about someone else's cards.

Yes, I bought another pack of 2008 Moments & Milestones:

34 Travis Hafner 92 RBIs 132/150
3 Frank Thomas 449 Home Runs 145/150
85 Jim Thome 62 Home Runs 103/150
123 Mark Teixeira 115 hits 037/150
87 Johan Santana 212 Strikeouts 05/25
86 Johan Santana 1 Win 066/150

Why do I keep buying this crap? It used to be a guilty pleasure, but since I keep getting the same 10 cards in every pack the pleasure bit is starting to fade. You see the higher the number they use for the stat, the easier it is to pull the card because they printed more of them. Frank Thomas' 500 Home Runs stat card is roughly twice as easy to get as Johan Santana's 245 Strikeouts and five time easier to pull than Travis Hafner's 100 RBIs. As a result, I've gotten a few Thomas and Thome cards in the few packs I've ripped. The silver lining is that there are at least three different versions of each card for the different teams they've played for but still, doubles are not what I want when I pony up for these packs. I'm also attracting Johan Santana cards like crazy. Evey pack I open seems to have card #86 or #87 in there. This one had BOTH. Meh. Why can't I pull Chipper Jones cards like this? I did get a Tex which saved the pack. At least the packs haven't jumped in price since they were first released. I'm not sure if they're selling at all to be honest with you. Hey more for me, although I'm not sure that's a good thing. I'm really just biding time until Allen and Ginter comes out anyway.

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darkship said...

Yep That's me the Royal's fan! Thanks for the cards had a lot of fun going through them. Even got two George Bretts that I didn't have before!