Thursday, May 22, 2008

2006 Topps Updates & Highlights

There has been at least one of these in every Wal-Mart cube I've opened. Usually two or three, but always one. I'm counting on them to start putting 2007 U&H packs in soon so I can finally finish up that set. I'm not sure if I've completed this one yet to be honest... I must have, I spent enough time futzing with checklists for it, but I can't remember for sure. Here's six more cards towards the set if not.

UH126 Endy Chavez
UH63 Ben Broussard
UH132 Mike MacDougal
UH247 Chris Capuano All-Star
UH186 Albert Pujols NLCS
UH261 Roy Halladay All-Star

No rookies or inserts. A couple all stars and Pujols though. I noticed the cartoons on the back of the three regular cards seemingly have absolutely nothing to do with the player. The cartoon on Endy's card is about the 1916 New York Giants. New York Mets... New York Giants... ok there's sort of a connection. MacDougal's card has a factoid about the 1987 Blue Jays hitting ten home runs in one game. Mike doesn't give up that many homers so I'm not sure what's that about. Ben Broussard's toon is the weirdest, elevating former Umpire Doug Harvey to deity status. Poor Ben paid for Topps' blasphemy, and was cut by the Rangers last week.

Up next - A whole lot of Topps cards I already have!

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