Friday, August 15, 2008

1995 Stadium Club Series 1

I picked up a pack of 1995 Stadium Club (Series 1) as part of a rare trip to a hobby shop a couple of weeks back. This was one of the packs that I bought that was sitting, desperately, in a large box amongst many other packs with gawdy 90's colors and other non-baseball sports like hockey, basketball... etc. I had never seen, let alone laid eyes upon a card from this set, so it sparked my curiosity. Unfortunately, the pack did not promise the EXTREME that the 1996 Stadium Club set had to offer, but I'm sure it will stand on its own.

83 - David Segui
234 - Rafael Belliard

104 - Orland Merced Virtual Reality
Each pack promises 1 "Virtual Reality" parallel. Apparently, "virtual reality" was something that many people talked about in the mid-90s. There is a logical conclusion that this phenomenon would somehow extend to trading cards with baseball players depicted.

- Club Membership ad
72 - Dennis Eckersley
Along with Lee Smith, one of my favorite all-time relievers of his era. Relievers were definitely under-appreciated at the time. I bet there are a lot more Jonathan Papelbon posters than there were Lee Smith posters.
46 - Greg Maddux Statistical Extreme
Wow... okay... OVERLOAD. This is definitely EXTREME. This is surprisingly EXTREME. This card is like the crazy animation sequence when a Pokemon is first sent into battle. At least, that's how I imagine it would be, since I have no idea what Pokemon is, of course! Okay, wait, hold on... let's get another look at Maddux:

AHH! There is another Maddux, in the shadow of the regular Maddux. Let's call him "Super Maddux" for now. Super Maddux has a molten elbow and forearm, which has also quadrupled in girth for some reason and should probably be checked out by a doctor.

238 - Sammy Sosa Cause and Effect
This card tells a story, but I'm not entirely sure what that story is.

51 - Rex Hudler
Hudler, a former Cardinal, is a modern day Bob Uecker, I guess. You just don't see Jimmy Rollins making faces like that on cards.

235 - Randy Myers
8 - David McCarty
160 - Lee Tinsley
207 - Alex Cole

224 - Doug Drabek
The many faces of Drabek are pictured here.

74 - Darren Lewis
268 - Brady Anderson


Motherscratcher said...

I really like Stadium Club. I'm glad their bringing it back, allegedly.

Nice pack.

Motherscratcher said...

I stared at that Maddux card for too long, had a seizure, and forgot to make a hilarious joke about Rex Hudler and pole dancing.

capewood said...

If you remember, the last part of the 1994 season was lost to a players strike. The virtual reality cards were a parallel which attempted to estimate the players stats for the full year. The regular Topps set did the same thing. They called those cards Cyberstats. On the Topps cards they based the final stats on computer simulation of un-played games.