Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bully for Blasters: 2008 Upper Deck Goudey 3/8

Movin' right along...

13 Tom Glavine - He looks suspiciously smooth-faced here. Portraiture must suit the wily old lefty well.
Tom Glavine by you.

143 Shane Victorino - Mahalo! I hear that Shane was thrilled to see his little buddies from Hawai'i win the Little League World Series on Sunday.

105 Ryan Braun - This is a relic card featuring Thorzul's drool. Just kidding, of course.

1 Eric Byrnes - To complement the Mini-Me I pulled in the first pack.

140 Ryan Howard - What are the chances that the Phils trade him this winter?

36 Kosuke Fukudome RC - Now they're working overtime to make Topps look bad.

166 Felix Hernandez - Ha! The card back mentions his impressive eight shutout innings in Baltimore on April 6 of this year...while neglecting to mention that since-fired Seattle skipper John McLaren pulled him and watched the bullpen blow a 2-0 lead. The winning run was driven in by Luis Hernandez for one of his three RBI in 2008. Not that I'm gloating.

246 James K. Polk - Oh, hooray, the President who championed westward expansion. Give me Taft any day.
James K. Polk by you.


Billy Suter said...

Always good to see the Napoleon of the stump. I posted about him on my blog about a week ago.

MMayes said...

I remember being a little pissed at Polk in History class in college. He kicked Mexico's ass in the Mexican-American War (provoked by Mexico) and then paid them for California! Back then if you kicked somebody's ass, you owned them. Polk could have solved all of today's border problems......