Sunday, August 17, 2008

2008 Upper Deck First Edition Update

I saw these 2008 UD 1st Edition Update packs on the shelf, so I figured I'd grab a pack and post it on here. There are 9 cards in each pack plus a StarQuest card. I didn't scan in the SQ card, but just you know, it was Mr. Griffey Jr.

First up out of the pack, we have Curt Schilling (Red Sox), John Smoltz (Braves), and Brad Penny (Dodgers). That's how to start off a pack!

Next up, we have Paul Lo Duca (Nationals), Pat Burrell (Phillies), and Grady Sizemore (Indians - WAHOO, nothin like pullin a Triber!)

Finally, we have Troy Percival (Rays), Raul Ibanez (Mariners), and Tim Lincecum (Giants - man, he shows up in both of my two recent purchases... Seriously, there's a very bad pun just waiting to er, uh, burst onto the scene).

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capewood said...

I bought a blaster box of these. I'm not sure what Upper Deck is doing here. When I think of an update set, I think it should contain, at the very least, players who changed teams and rookies who came up during the season. This First Edition Update seems to be composed of players they did not include in the regular First Edition. For example, I got a Ryan Howard in the Update. Is he a rookie? Did he change teams? No to both. The card is a duplicate of the regular Upper Deck card. He is apparently not in the regular First Edition. The regular Upper Deck had gloss and silver foil. The regular First Edition had gloss but no foil. The update has dropped the gloss as well. This set looks like just an attempt to separate me from $10. It worked too.