Thursday, May 28, 2009

2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes

I picked this up at a local card shop for $1 (as you can plainly see) having no idea what it was. I'll buy almost anything for $1.

55 - Cal Ripken Jr. (According to the back of the card, Ripken only batted .167 with 1 RBI in the 1983 World Series, so I'm not sure he qualifies as a "Hero".)

27 - Luis Gonzalez

60 - Cy Young (This is almost certainly my first Boston Pilgrims card.)

33 - Steve Garvey (Now here's a true World Series Hero. Garvey went 10 for 24 in the 1981 Series and possibly made me cry as his rotten Dodgers went on to beat my beloved Yankees. Hey, my dad liked them, so I didn't know any better.)

120 - Steve Bechler Fall Classic Phenoms (This is a bit of a stretch. Upper Deck had to fill this set with a bunch of short-printed rookies, the best of which is probably Reed Johnson or Jose Valverde.)


unclemoe said...

Go Pilgrims!


Anonymous said...

I remeber that game I was only 6 but I loved steve Garvey he was my Favorite player and at the time the Dodgers were my favorite team. Now I'm a mariners fan out of nortwest loyalty and I grew up watching them become a team i was BORN IN 1976. I STILL LOVE THE DODGERS THOUGH IF, I'M ALLOWED TO HAVE A 2ND FAVORITE TEAM? Grant

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kelly, yes Your right since I was a dodgers fan as a child it is in fact OK to have to favorite teams I appreciate your input very insightful. Oh wait I translated that wrong! Why would you say such a thing tis blog is awesome! And no I'm not that unrepeatable word you called me? LOL

Anonymous said...

I know I know fang I will spell check from now on.