Sunday, May 03, 2009

2003 Donruss Hobby

So I picked up a pack of 2003 Donruss at the local Target [$1.59] - I was looking for 2009 Goudey, but there wasn't any and I found several 2003 Donruss packs in the loose repack box.

Pack #1
#83 Troy Percival

#43 P.J. Bevis

#10 Randy Johnson Diamond King subset - from what is listed in the pack, there is a version numbered to 2,500.
#2 of 20 Jim Palmer Donruss Anniversary 1983 insert

#111 Mark Buehrle - gives up a ton of hits because that is the type of pitcher that he is, but has been consistent innings eater, who works quickly and has won a lot of games [not to mention throw a no-hitter and win a World Series].
#130 Wendell McGee

#119 Jim Thome
#190 Kazuhiro Sasaki
#254 Juan Cruz
#235 Byun-Hyun Kim
#268 Ryan Dempster
#365 Kevin Young - I remember him tossing me a ball once coming in from batting practice either in 1996 or 1999.
#385 Reggie Sanders

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