Monday, May 25, 2009

2006 Ultra - best pack

Got a hobby box of this stuff at my local shop for less than $20 (Don't ask - that's just how I roll there). This was the best pack. I like the inserts even better than the base cards, which are still pretty decent looking. The silver foil strips with the name and position scanned black here...

Number one in the pack, and #1 in the set - Vlad Guerrero (front and back) Looks like he just schwocked one and is still watching it go on the back.

RBI8 Gary Sheffield RBI Kings - The best looking insert series in the set. This is why Fleer is missed....

162 Johan Santana - Great horizontal photo card. There are a lot of these in the set. And they're oriented the right way. I just started an older Pinnacle set where the horizontal ones face the opposite direction in relation to the backs. That always throws me off.

106 Erik Bedard - Did OK with the O's, but was soon traded off and started slow with the Mariners. Which makes us O's fans smile. Not to be confused with Kris Benson.

93 David Wright - Nice to get a Wright that's not about students. Card back says he's a highly regarded prospect and was a former Virginia High School Player of the Year. I think they have better accolades than that now.

37 Albert Pujols - Nice to get a Pujols that doesn't show him in the squat. Best player of this star-studded pack.

URS5 Chase Utley Ultra Rising Stars - Guess he proved them right last year. Say Utley Ultra five times fast!

151 Mike Sweeney Gold Medallion - Looks more like Rockies playing the Royals in the photo. Frankly, these can be rather annoying if you're trying to build the base set unless you know someone who is collecting all of them.

Great pack overall. All the packs in the box had two inserts, plus the occasional scarcer Retro Lucky 13s. It's a nice set with the typical Ultra trademark photography. I fell into building this one while helping a friend with his set.

A side note about the site ~ Not to steal the thunder of A Pack To Be Named Later (I wish that site all the success), but what's up peeps? Has our habit decreased from A Pack A Day to a couple a week? Just trying to rekindle the fire here....


WillyAybarFan said...

Hey... I like reading your blog..

I just started collecting cards again.

I started in like 1990? and stopped around 1999.

Ben said...

I love Fleer Ultra. 1994 Ultra will forever be one of my favorite sets, but this one looks great too.

I wush Upper Deck would bring Fleer back as a full time brand with a good base set and Ultra as a middle of the road set for set builders.

sruchris said...

I'm working on this '06 Ultra set and I have a healthy stack of doubles to trade. Check my site for my wants/haves: