Saturday, August 02, 2008

'08 Allen & Ginter box break

Relax. No worries. I will not subject you to 24 packs of A&G overdose. Pretty much everyone is busting these now while they're "hot".
What I will do is give you a breakdown of what I found in my box. Knowledge is power people.
For pretty pictures of the box, check out dayf at Cardboard Junkie. No point in repetition.

So after the cling wrap came off, my wife and I each reached in and took a pack. 8 cards per pack, including a one per pack "Flag" card, and a one per pack "mini version". The mini in my pack?

Randy Winn.

What did my wife find???

That's right. A mini Mako Shark. A one per CASE insert. This is my life friends. My wife, a super rare insert. Me, Randy freakin' Winn. 'nuff said.

Up later was a mini World Leaders card of Nguyen Tan Dung. I can't make up stuff like this. See for yourself. (Does the World Leader subset come full size? If it does, I didn't get any.)

Box "hits"

Stephen Drew Jersey (with a stripe!!! Possible 1 of 1!!!!!!).... whatever.

Bobby Crosby Jersey.

You get 12 SP's in each box. I am showing Jason Giambi because I only found two doubles in this box. This Jason Giambi SP is one of them.

The other double you ask? You're just dying to know? Joe Mauer Flag of Minnesota insert.
No base card doubles. Sweet.

131 / 300 cards ( no SP's included)
142 / 350 cards ( SP's included)
1 black border mini ( Rich Thompson)
6 A&G back mini's
1 SP double
1 Flag double
22 Flags. (wait a minute... I know you're scoring at home... 22 Flags plus 1 double equals 23 Falgs in a 24 pack box. Shenanigans! 1 pack in the box had 6 cards, not 8. Missing a mini and a Flag. I got jobbed.)
Now. Why did I post these particular cards? A post without Braves? Well it's because all of these are now official trade bait.
Let me know people... my second box is almost here via sled dog....


Billy Suter said...

I don't mean to make you feel bad or anything, but I've bought 2 packs of A&G this year. One pack had a mini Cy Young card (from the Baseball Icons subset, I think), and the other was a mini Great White Shark.

Does anyone know if there's a West Virginia card in the USA subset?

Jordan said...

How are the SP's different from the base set?