Friday, August 01, 2008

1982 Donruss

I recently won a contest over at 88 Topps Cards, and my prize came today. 5 seemingly random 1988 Topps cards (naturally) that were autographed. There was a bonus in the package too, take a look:

Hey, Friday's kind of an emergency... Let's open 'er up.

YES. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY. THINGS ARE, LIKE, ON FIRE AND SHIT. Somewhere something's gotta be on fire. Emergency. Jeez, the hoops you have to jump through just to open a pack...

AW HELL YES! '82 Donruss! And I already have the Ripken so this is a no-pressure pack. Rip that wax!

Babe Ruth Puzzle 58, 59, 60

The Ruth puzzle is by far the best one due to the super thick cardboard. Hall of Fame Diamond King indeed.

310 Rufino Linares

Sweet, a Brave right off the bat.

434 John Stearns

Nice card of the longtime coach.

422 Juan Eichelberger

What th- I know Juan Eichelberger, and you, sir, are no Juan Eichelberger. Hey, cool! I pulled an error card!

409 Tommy John
Ugh. I'm really not in the mood to see a Tommy John card right now.

334 Rick Miller

I don't know anything about Rick Miller and I'm too lazy to Google. Moving on...

304 Otto Velez

Gotta love a palindromic name. Otto was in the first pack of '80 Topps I opened and I have a soft spot for his cards now.

292 Tito Landrum

Another great name from the '80s.

280 Charlie Moore
Dang, it looks like Charlie's dog just died. Cheer up Charlie, you're going to the World Series.

458 Pete Vukovich

Another Brewer, Thorzul must be jealous. Too bad I've already sent off his trade.

447 Charlie Hough

Aw yeah, the knuckleballer. Me likey knuckleballers. You'd think with the ligaments popping right and left lately there would be more knucklers chewing up innings nowadays, wouldn't you?

414 Ray Burris
Another card I'm not Googling.

10 Phil Niekro Diamond King


This beats pulling a stupid cut auto triple thread golden exquisite redemption solid gold plated one of one card any day.

245 Manny Trillo

Just Manny being Manny... And by that I mean being a hell of a player, a great second baseman and an all around righteous dude. Not a big pain in the ass.

233 Milt Wilcox

I'm really trying to think of a dirty pun about his name, but the joke just isn't coming.

337 Dave Garcia

Finishing off the pack with a manager card, excellent! I like the pen clipped to the jersey. Shows that he's a thinking manager who likes to write stuff down.

Ok! Crisis averted by my quick wax opening skills. Thanks again to Andy at the 88 Topps Blog!

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Andy said...

Man--I'm so glad you got some Braves cards!