Friday, September 12, 2008

1990 Post & 1991 Post

I picked up a stack of packets of Post cards from 1990 and 1991 in a cheap eBay lot recently. I already had the Ozzie Smith from the set, but I was hoping to get one of the other Cardinals for my Cardinals binders. I could tell by peeking through the wrappers that I was going to have plenty of duplicate cards, so I entertained the idea of not opening all of the packs. Then I realized that the smell of 17-year old Raisin Bran was really getting to me and I had to do something. Here is a pack from each set as each one contains just 3 cards (other than one mutant 4-pack that I found in my stack.) What mysteries lie behind that plain brown wrapper? Wait, is that mold? Ewww... that's definitely mold.

(1990 Post)
3 - Kirby Puckett (this is an MLBPA-sanctioned set, but not licensed by MLB, so you get airbrushed logos and a healthy dose of close-up shots)

14 - Bo Jackson (Bo's picture is fairly dark, and he seems only half-convinced that this is a legitimate baseball card photo shoot... perhaps it's because the photographer's lanyard says "Fruity Pebbles" on it)

18 - Dale Murphy (Murph is a fan favorite and a class act... oh, and he's from Portland. maybe I'm biased.)

The card backs have a simple red-bordered design with a facsimile signature at the bottom and no "interesting facts" about the players.

(1991 Post)

1 - Dave Justice (Justice gets the "Rookie Star" treatment on his card, something I did not see on any other card in either set.)

5 - Vince Coleman (there's one for the collection)

12 - Roger Clemens (I wonder if he was thinking about Mindy McCready here.)

The 1991 card backs were a somewhat less palatable light blue design with a similar signature placement.

I now have some small stacks of cards from each 30-card set, but not enough to make a complete set of either thanks to that dastardly Cereal Collation. If any of you oddball lovers/player collectors/team collectors/purveyors of food product giveaways is looking for anything from either set, feel free to let me know as I may have something for you. The checklists should be available for free on Beckett's site if you can get it to work without throwing your computer out the window.


Chris Mays said...

I like the alternating colors on the rows on the back of the 90s.

Motherscratcher said...

That look on Clemen's face is great. He looks like Carl Spackler there. I imagine him thinking: "Oh Mrs. Crane, you're a little monkey woman. Yeah, you're lean, mean, and I bet you're not too far in between are ya. How'd you like to wrap your spikes around my... "

jackplumstead said...

For those of use ignorants.(or overseas) These were available in cereal packets? Tell me more!

madding said...

They were inserted into boxes of Post brand cereal. Many breakfast cereals at the time used to insert something fun generally aimed at kids inside the box, but only the coolest would put baseball cards in their cereal.

Dr. Burt said...

The lack of team logos was always interesting to me with these sets!