Monday, September 29, 2008

Jumbomania! Three Jumbos of 1992 Fleer

I have had a sixteen-year long hard-on for the 1992 Fleer Jumbo Packs. A big, raging, Peter North sized boner for this stuff. I mean, it was the first trading card product where the collector had a realistic shot at pulling a card worth $100.

That card was, of course, the 1992 Fleer Frank Thomas Rookie Sensations. Last year, I wrote a feature on the Jumbo pack exclusive '92 Fleer Rookie Sens and I invite you to check it out, here.

So when Scott and I eyed a box full of junk $1 packs at the Reading Show, and found three '92 Fleer Jumbos, I just had to video bust them.

It's been 16 years since I've busted a Jumbo of '92 Fleer, here's they are. Enjoy!


Joe Martelli Jr. said...

Nice post, I could watch you open this shit all day.

SJ said...

After opening one in the car, I opened the other and got my rookie sensations of... Scott Leius. The only active player was Mike Mussina. -Scott

dayf said...

I just found a pack of this meself. I'll have to save the rip for later since your first pack and my pack are almost identical. No one will remember in a month anyway.