Monday, September 22, 2008

Topps Bazooka Baseball 2006

I've never ripped a pack of this before. Here we go.

First out is a piece of gum that, even still wrapped, smells pretty good. But it's 2 years old so I think I'll pass.

Top card is #13 Josh Beckett, a blue parallel. I have no idea what that means.

Beckett was awesome in 2007 but has returned to being a pretty average pitcher this year.

Next is #69 David Wright, what I guess they call a gold chunks card. That's what I blow when I eat too much honey.

He's sporting the Michael Jordan tongue.

Comic 7 of 24: Miguel Tejada wins All-Star MVP

How cute.

#21 Justin Verlander. Such a disappointment this year that he doesn't get his card scanned.

#210 Bryan Bullington

He was a rookie here but has done almost nothing in the big leagues.

#20 Tim Hudson

I couldn't scan the front because he's not wearing a hat or helmet.

#200 Justin Morneau

Who knew he'd be the MVP next season? I still think Jeter deserved it more.

#12 Magglio Ordonez - nothing to say about this guy.

Overall, I like this set. The cards have a pleasingly simple design and are printed on lower quality stock than most thick slab cards these days. These cards much more closely resemble what collecting was like 20-30 years ago and are a nice break from all the crazy hoopla.

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