Sunday, September 21, 2008

2008 Upper Deck NFL Draft Edition

The Bulldogs' victory got me all jazzed up over football again and I felt like getting a pack with some college players. I chose UD Draft Edition mainly because it was cheap and has players in their college unis. It's like a low rent Press Pass. I've been deathly afraid of pulling a card of Matt Ryan, but I figured I could risk it. There's ninety nine other rookies in there, what are the chances I'll pull Ryan?

Here's how I reacted when I opened the pack:

95 Thomas Brown

Hell Yeah!!! Go Dawgs! Sic 'em! WOOFWOOFWOOFWOOFWOOF!

74 Matt Ryan




82 Philip Wheeler

Hey cool! Tech! Sting 'em! or... something

SOD8 Antoine Cason Stars of the Draft

Yay, an insert. Wait, these are one per pack. Yawn.

170 Kellen Clemens
130 Demarcus Ware

Meh. meh. Don't care about NFL players at all right now.

My worst nightmare was revealed but I got a Dawg and a Jacket to help mitigate the pain. Now it's time to start drinking heavily in preparation for the Georgia - Alabama game between the Hedges next week.


madding said...

I miss Kellen Clemens at Oregon. The Ducks could certainly use him now.

Jeff said...

Whoo - I don't know what happened with the APAD redesign, but the page loads MUCH slower since Brokeback Mountain took hold at the top of the page. Take a page from the redesign fiasco. The content is what people want on sites like this, not some sort of flashy new-age feel goodery. Simpler is better - tell me stories about opening packages of cardboard pictures of men, and then show pictures of what was inside said packages.

Just saying.