Friday, March 27, 2009

1992/93 Pro Set Hockey Jumbo

I picked up a box of these cheap like borscht. Let's see what's inside. 20 packs per box, 31 cards per pack.
Alexander Mogilny - Sabres
Dave Ellet - Leafs
Jeremy Roenick - Blackhawks
Mike Vernon - Flames ( Local boy!!!)
Donald Audette - Sabres
Bernie Nicholls - Oilers
Geoff Sanderson - Whalers
Igor Ulanov - Jets ( J! E! T! S! jets! Jets! JETS!)
Don Beaupre - Capitals
Claude LaPointe - Nordiques
Jaromir Jagr - Penguins
Michel Goulet - Blackhawks
Ray Ferraro - Islanders
Al Iafrate - Capitals
Dave Manson - Oilers
Nelson Emerson - Blues
Jeff Hackett - Sharks
Mike Hough - Nordiques
Bobby Holik - Whalers
Ted Donato - Bruins - ROOKIE
Glen Murray - Bruins - ROOKIE
Bobby Smith - North Stars
Bobby Smith - North Stars (WTF?)
Viacheslav Kozlov - Red Wings - ROOKIE
Mike Modano - North Stars
NHL Newsreel - insert
Marc Fortier - Senators
Luc Robitaille - Kings ( this is hockey! look at that hair! that face!)
Dominic Roussel - Flyers - ROOKIE
Brad Shaw - Senators
Doug Gilmour - Leafs - Team Leader
there you have it. Hockey junk wax. These cards are available as part of a giveaway I'm doing. Lots of other junk wax too... if interested, head over to Waxaholic, read the post, and shoot me an email.

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