Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1996 Score Series 2 Jumbo

In all the talk about licenses these days, I don't really see anyone clamoring for a Score revival. Score cards were first introduced as a more "normal" brand from the makers of Sportflics. Anyway, I don't have a lot of Score cards that were released after 1991, and 50 cents seems about right for a jumbo pack that had an MSRP of 1.99. So I present to you, with one of the most hideous pack wrappers ever, 1996 Score - Series 2.

363 - Rafael Palmeiro Star Struck (I see what they did there... with the stars and the like.)

283 - Paul Molitor
318 - Erik Hanson
352 - Roberto Petagine (I think I missed out on this guy's major league career.)

290 - John Franco (I don't even know what to say about this photo.)

325 - Kenny Lofton (The fade helped him steal more bases than the rest.)

367 - Randy Johnson Star Struck (Consequently, I don't think Randy's hairstyle contributed to his success, but something about his overall apperance definitely seemed to distract hitters.)

302 - Ivan Rodriguez (Style.)
337 - Ron Gant (Gant was one of those low-budget stars, someone I always tried to sell myself on. Having four Ron Gant rookies was as good as having a Ken Griffey Jr rookie, right?)

508 - Scott Hatteberg (Hatteberg should take lessons from Pudge.)

487 - Lou Whitaker
407 - Chad Ogea

511 - Marty Cordova AL Checklist (Apparently this set was numbered in League order. Whatever happened to this guy? He and Pat Listach must be laughing it up somewhere in the upper midwest.)
473 - Greg Swindell
389 - Steve Trachsel (If you were to do some sort of free association thing with me and said the words "bad pitcher," I'm pretty sure "Trachsel" would pop out of my mouth without much of a thought.)
420 - Stan Javier
456 - Pete Harnisch

1 of 20 - Frank Thomas All-Stars (This card is fairly shiny, and I kind of like the effect of the old newsprint style picture of Thomas on the right. All-Star cards came in 1 out of 4 packs according to the ugly wrapper.)
480 - Gabe White
479 - Brad Ausmus


William said...

Score '96? Now we're talking. I busted so many of these packs when I was young. The ugly wrapper, the "rookies" whose true rookie cards were in early-'90s traded sets, and the Star Struck cards! By God the Star Struck cards! What an incredible set. I met Ron Gant twice in person [Padres and Phillies] -- he's a good man.

Ted said...

Marty Cordova juiced up alongside Jay Gibbons before he faded from view.

I used to call him Meaty Cordova, on account of all of the inexplicable beef dangling from his arms and bulging from his neck. This card is excellent evidence of my theory, given his skinny waistedness in '96.

LanceBurnitz said...

I likes the Score brand. I'm not too hot on this set, but I love 97 Score for some reason. For some reason, the fronts on the 97 cards look like checklists will be on the back.

Billy Suter said...

Petagine played 5 years in the US, 7 years in Japan (where he became a big star), 2 more years in the US, and now he's playing in Korea.

Hatteberg is still playing, although injuries forced him to move to 1B.