Friday, March 13, 2009

2000 Upper Deck Redux

Yeah, I know, I've posted this junk before. I can go much lower, though. I bet I could even dig up one of those World's National Greatest Hidden Card Chases packs if I really wanted to. Don't dare me. I actually am starting to like this set a lot right now, and at $1 a pack it's not much of a budget burner. I'm not entirely sure what "Game Jersey Edition" is supposed to mean, though.

338 - Brian Rose (With a 8-10 record and a 5.58 ERA in 3 major league seasons, this guy would probably still have his own talk show and popular website in this day and age considering that he played for Boston, but as it stands I've never heard of him.)

312 - Armando Reynoso (Okay, Snakes fans. What's up with that cap there that Armando is sporting? I don't recognize it at all.)
519 - Darrin Fletcher

479 - Ruben Rivera (Rivera has been out of MLB for five years now, but he was on Team Panama in the WBC. That's one of my favorite things about the WBC. I want to see more Bernie Williams.)
453 - Gil Heredia

427 - Jacque Jones (A fancy gold seal for Mr. Jones.)
344 - Jose Nieves

526 - Derek Jeter All UD Team (The white dead space in the upper right corner is kind of strange looking.)

275 - Jason Marquis (Marquis and J.D. Drew will likely go down as the least popular Cardinals of the current decade, and they were essentially traded for each other. The awesome thing is that the Cards got Adam Wainwright out of the whole ordeal.)
396 - Roger Cedeno (A former cup-of-coffee Cardinal.)
- Reggie Jackson sweepstakes entry card thing


Bay Rat North West said...

I thought the D'back logo was familiar:
It was once of those Sunday uni's. Plus it was used on the teams Topps Inaugural set I think.The one with an entire 1998 set that had the gold foil logo on the bottom corner.

Grand Cards said...

Cedeno may have been a cup of coffee Cardinal, but he actually had pretty good stay in the major leagues. If I recall, he led the major leagues in stolen bases with the Astros, maybe with over 60 one year? He was also one of the earliest people to get busted for Steroids, for what its worth.

William said...

"Game Jersey Edition" means they wanted to capitalize on the game-used hype at the time by making people think their odds of pulling a GU card were better than average. I busted dozens of these packs and have no game-used cards to show for it.