Saturday, March 21, 2009

1995 Score Series 2

And on we go with my seemingly endless string of 50 cent packs. These sets are, by and large, all pretty much new to me because I lost interest in collecting after I graduated from high school in 1993. Let's see if I can opt in to the "4 Tier Chase Program" advertised on the wrapper.

390 - Dave Gallagher (According to the back of the card, Gallagher platooned with Ryan Klesko in left field in 1994. I wonder if he'll tell that to his grandchildren.)

401 - Cliff Floyd (Any guesses as to what Floyd just did in this photo?)
359 - Lenny Harris (Pinch-hit specialist and occasional reserve.)

385 - Chris Sabo (Wow, this isn't the Chris Sabo I know... knew. Who knew that Chris Sabo had a life after the Reds?)

336 - Kevin Mitchell Gold Rush (This is a one-per-pack parallel card. The foil is gold-ish and the background is faded and slightly chrome-ified. Mitchell hit 30 HRs in only 310 ABs in 1994.)

563 - Mo Vaughn Hitters Inc. (Wow, this is creepy.)

586 - Nate Minchey (This is what the Rookie cards look like. Minchey appeared in 15 games over 4 major league seasons.)

572 - Moises Alou (Still creepy.)
475 - Dave Magadan

508 - Scott Sanders (The backs of the cards are pretty nice looking by Score standards. Much better than the '96 cards, anyway.)
549 - Mike Huff
470 - Luis Sojo

No Cardinals in the pack, so any of these cards are up for grabs as usual.


shoeboxlegends said...

Hey, I'd love to trade with you sometime. Maybe I could send some Cardinals your way and you could send me some Red Sox?

William said...

Another great set from my childhood -- you're the man.

Laurens said...

Looks like Floyd is grimacing after hitting a line drive down the line, going foul.

--David said...

I'm thinking floyd just took a foul off his nether regions.

DK said...

I am actually working on 95 Score signed. Here is my web site -

If you want to trade a some of the those, please let me know! Thanks!