Monday, August 04, 2008

Clearing out the Draft Folder

It's Spring Cleaning time at Casa de Dayf, and I'm flushing out a whole bunch of pack rips so I can start fresh. I know it's late summer and not spring, I'm just slow, ok? These were options that were never voted on in my Lucky 13 post, so now you get the rip, a card and nothing else. Sorry guys, you should have voted...

1998 Bowman

$125 Certificate card
216 A.J. Hinch RC
92 Richie Sexson
116 Adam Eaton
176 Robbie Bell
137 Mike Kincade foil
195 Marcus MacBeth RC
189 Todd Dunwoody
132 Eli Marrero
25 Edgar Renteria
175 Jon Garland

1988 Pacific Eight Men Out

27 Sport Sullivan
48 Chick Leaves Buck Stranded at Third
32 Shoeless Joe
106 Chick Gandil
93 Hod Eller
82 Slim Sallee
8 Eddie Collins
55 Felsch Scores Jackson
70 The Swede's a Hard Guy
73 Kid Gleason Takes the Stand

2006 Bowman

179 Chad Tracy
138 Carlos Lee
147 Carlos Beltran
13 Carlos Guillen
152 Carl Crawford
188 gold Lance Berkman
BC81 Adam Bourassa Chrome
BC42 Michael Ekstrom Chrome
B106 Carlos Guevara
B59 Vince Cordova
Checklist 2

2007 Fleer

317 Orlando Hudson
170 Derek Lowe
219 Joel Zumaya
50 Jason Marquis
77 Adrian Gonzalez
325 Brian Burres RC
364 Brian Stokes RC
RS-JP Jonathan Papelbon
RS-CJ Conor Jackson
CA-TH Trevor Hoffman Crowning Achievement

2005 Ultra

162 Johnny Damon
86 Brian Roberts
56 Javier Vazquez
28 Greg Maddux
122 Miguel Cabrera
196 Lance Berkman
213 Ryan Howard All-Rookie
43 Matt Lawton

BONUS: The relic card in the package with the '07 Fleer pack



Captain Canuck said...

Does Skip have a card on any regional set? Never heard of any here in Calgary... but how about your neck of the woods?

dayf said...

Skip Caray? Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's been in an oddball Bryan Hot Dogs set or something like that. I don't have it though, and I'm not sure where to even look for it.

madding said...

(Insert obligatory "is there any cork in that relic card?" comment here.)

Apparently there are some NBA Hoops announcer cards from the early 90s of Skip Caray, according to Beckett's almost completely unusable website.

--David said...

Upon magnification, one can see the light grains of 'wood' in the relic are actually made up of corkboard... Wait, I feel a "Cinnamon Toast Crunch" commercial coming on here...