Saturday, June 14, 2008

1988 Topps (Jumbo?) Cello Pack

In my most recent pack-break on here, I talked about the 1993 Triple Play box I bought on theBay. Well, I actually bought that and a box of 1990 Donruss cards in the same auction. When the cards came in, the seller had included several packs of other cards as a "bonus" as well!! One of those packs was a 1988 Topps Cello pack. I'm not sure if it is a "jumbo" pack or not because there are 28 cards in the pack, plus gum, and I have no idea if that's how all Topps cellos came that year or if this was a "double." In any case, I could make out Will Clark on the top of the pack. Please be aware that sometimes, my brain ceases to function. Case in point, I laid the cards down in the order they came out of the pack onto my scanner. Problem? I laid them down in reverse order... So, the pack break actually occurred from right to left in each photo... Yeah, there's a lot of space between my ears... Oh well!

As I mentioned, I saw Will Clark's card on the top of the pack through the cello. That was followed by Pat Keedy, whose card back is filled to the hilt with minor league stats (oh, and one very brief stint with the Angels in '85). Next, Tom Foley makes an appearance.

The next card in the pack is Marty Barrett. For some reason, I believe I have (or had) this same card, but signed by Barrett that I got in one of those awful Tri-Star repack boxes. I pull an All-Star card (no surprise since there is one in every pack). This one is Shane Rawley, who ironically was NOT the NL Victories leader in '87. The next card is a TRIBER (Man, should have played TonT with this one!) - Greg Swindell. You can see the ump in the background wishing he'd just called in sick that day.

After Greg, we see the King of Thieves (base-stealers), Rickey Henderson! Excellent card that I have a copy of in my "non-Indians" collection. The next card in the pack is Mitch Williams, followed by Steve Kiefer. I'd write more about them, but honestly, they were not on teams I followed as a kid, nor follow now.

Expos' Mike Fitzgerald, Blue Jays' Ernie Whitt, and Brewers' Mark Clear round out the next three cards. For some reason, I believe I have several Clear cards in my non-Tribers. Not sure why, but I guess I thought he was worth keeping around some.

Lee Guetterman is up next, followed by Vance Law. Vance Law is a name that sticks out in my head as a player I should recognize, but I think that's because of his time with the Pirates in 80 and 81. Finally, we reach the halfway point of the pack. I would love to have been able to show you the 20 year-old gum, but it was broken beyond recognizability (if that is such a word). The halfway card is the "send-in" form for the 1988 Glossy All Stars and Hot Prospects set. Oh, and I could win a trip for 4 to a 1989 Spring Training!! I better get that card in the mail pronto!

Glenn Wilson, Mike Witt, and Jerry Royster. "Jerry was selected PCL Player of the Year in 1975." Umm, okaaayyy... We're stretching a bit for filler, are we not?

Bill Almon decided to put on his "Is that a BIRD in left field?" face. Tommy John!? SWEET card of a super pitcher who happens to be ex-Tribe, thank you! Very cool! And then Mark McGwire's Topps All-Star Rookie card!? Nice! Is it just me, or does he look a bit thin to you?

Yes, we have more Expos in the pack. How about Pascual Perez. The best thing the writers at Topps could come up with for him was the fact that his BROTHER played for the Royals... Ouch. Then we have "Future Star" Kevin Elster. I'd never heard of him (though that doesn't mean too much), so I'm not sure how much of a "star" he turned out to be. Perhaps someone will enlighten us. Whoa! Two McGwire cards in one pack. This one is the '87 Record Breakers card. What record did he set? How about 49 home runs his rookie year? 'Roids or no roids, how many of us could hit FOUR let alone 49?

Steve Trout will forever be etched in my brain as the guy with the curly long hair and Elton John glasses (I'll have to find that card). We also have Jim Acker and Pedro Guerrero. Pedro is another I believe I have several of in my collection of 'notables.' Years from now, my kids will look at those and ask, "Why the heck did Dad collect some of these guys??"

Finally, we have another All-Star card. This time, it's Benny Santiago. did you know that he is not even mentioned on the back of his own card in the list of leaders? They put Home Run leaders on the card instead. And, the last card in the pack (one I could also see through the cello) is Dwayne Murphy. When I was a kid in the late 70's, early 80's, I had many "favorite teams" and "favorite players," and Murphy was on the list. I think I had thought he looked like the guy Rocky had to fight - Apollo Creed.

Overall, I'd say this pack would have thrilled me to no end as a kid. A Triber, a Tommy John, TWO McGwire's, Henderson, Murphy, and a few others in there that I would have slipped into my shoebox...


William said...

Kevin Elster was an alright player for the Rangers and Mets in the '90s. He hit 27% of his career dingers in 1996 and hit 3 in one game in 2000.

MMayes said...

There's a rumor floating around that Elster, uh, seduced an opponent's girlfriend in the clubhouse during a game. I have no idea as to the truth of that rumor, but thought it was worth passing along as it might enhance the value of his card in your eye.

SJ said...

Congratulations on pulling a card that I have never seen of a player I have never heard of, Pat Keedy (career average .203 in 29 games).