Thursday, June 26, 2008

2008 Topps Chrome

Yay! More Chrome! But this time the pack is BLUE! WoooOOOooo! Hobby pack red, retail pack blue. Got it? Now you can buy your Topps Chrome just like you vote for your political candidates: wasting your precious capital on worthless junk you'll hate in four years You can choose the Red pack or the Blue! Don't bother with the green packs, you're just wasting your vote... So vote for the Red party for the Autographs, or go with the Blue for some extra refractors. While you guys are discussing politics, I'll be ripping this retail pack here.

75 CC Sabathia
ARC23 Dustin Pedroia 50th Anniversary All-Rookie Team

211 Blake DeWitt RC Refractor

199 Hiroki Kuroda RC
Another pack with two inserts. This stuff is loaded with inserts, too bad they couldn't squeeze in a Fukudome rookie. CC will probably end up in a package headed to Arkansas. Not much else to say about this pack really.

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WAHOO! :-)