Sunday, June 22, 2008

2008 Bowman

Okay, so technically, this is two packs in one day for me today. But, just like any habit, sometimes you go a little over your usual...

While at Target today (yes, took a trip to the "big town" today...), I picked up a pack of Bowman 2008, and some of those $1.59 resell packs (I'll post those later).

The Bowman pack features Clay Buchholz, for all you BoSox fans out there, I guess. The pack also promises "Two Chrome Cards in every pack." So, let's dig in:

The first five cards are what I guess would be considered "regular issue." The cards feature the player with an opaque space across the lower portion of the card where a facsimile signature resides. The back has player bio info, playing info in the form of "Resume, Skills, and Evolution," and then stats for the 2007 season. At the bottom, there is a notice that the signature is a facsimile of the one that appears on the player's "Rookie" Topps contract. I point this out, because in the next set of cards in the pack, that particular legal notice is missing... Here are the regular issues in this pack:

Carlos Beltran - Mets
Justin Verlander - Tigers
Troy Tulowitzki - Rockies
Jorge Posada - Yankees
Adam Dunn - Reds

The next two cards are "1st Bowman Card" variety. These are white cards with blue borders and a signature area on the lower front where a facsimilie signature resides. On the back is a "Scouting Report" with varioud info, plus there is bio info and 2007 stats. Card number begin with "BP." There is no mention as to where/how the fake sigs were obtained. Interesting. The players in the pack are:

Engel Beltre - Rangers
Luis Munoz - Pirates

Following the two previous cards are two "1st Bowman Chrome" cards. These look just like the 1st year cards, except they are, well, Chrome. Surprise and shocker, I know. Card numbers begin with "BCP." Again, no mention of source for fake sigs. Today's pack features:

Justin Berg - Cubs
Jacob Butler - Blue Jays

The last player card in the pack is a "gold"-like variety, though there is no mention of getting a gold-like variety on the pack itself (that is, no special odds). The card has a gold-like border (I say that because it doesn't really look 'gold' in the sense I would call it gold, but whatever), and the signature is in gold foil. The player I got is Bartolo Colon...

The final card in the pack is a checklist. At least it isn't counted as being one of the cards you get in the pack.

Assuming the gold card is not in every pack, I'd say this is a decent pack overall. I'm sure someone will be happy with the cards once these are put into my 'team packs' for trading/giving away.... No Tribers, though....


dayf said...

Gold cards are one per pack. A bunch of pyewp if you ask me.

--David said...

Bummer... Figgers... Yeap, a bunch of pyewp! :-)

tucker692 said...

Hey.. i also recently purchased a pack of the 2008 bowman cards. I bought mine at a walmart. the first card was a jeter signed, followed by Carlos lee, Mike Lowell, bartolo colon, adam laroche, a "gold" troy glaus, and then 2 first cards, of matt rizzoti, and mike brantley, it also contained 2 first chrome cars, jose martinez and tommy everidge, idk if thats of any use to u, but i also was wondering if that was just good luck, or a common thing with this series of cards