Sunday, June 22, 2008

2007 Fleer Ultra

This is one of the Target packs I picked up from the $1.59 bin. I don't know what these cost originally, but I have a feeling the 'discount' price is not much less than the original retail price. In any case, had I opened the pack even seven months ago, I could have had a chance to be an "MVP in NYC." A day late and a dollar short....

The first card in the pack is the Astros' Roy Oswalt. The Ultra cards feature a red, white, and black "Fleer" logo in the upper corner with a silver foil "Ultra" just beneath the logo. The player's last name is written in a team-color script with silver foil around the lettering. Beneath that, the player's name is typed out with the team name and position. The back of the card features a still headshot in the upper left corner with the last name in script to the right of the image. Bio info, a blurb about the player, and stats from previous years fill out the back. Oh, under the player's pic is the team logo. And, we cannot forget the "Upper Deck Kids" code in the lower corner of the card (ZEMU). Since someone is already out there stealing codes they find online, I figure I would just make it easier for them to find.

Second up in the pack, we have Erik Bedard of the Orioles. Is it just me, or does the guy behind him at shortstop have a different colored hat on? Was this photo taken at an all-star game, practice, or just victim to bad photoshopping? The world may never know... PBZZ - That's not a bodily noise, that his code...

Third up is Chien-Ming Wang getting ready to hurl a ball toward the plate for the Yankees. I am just immature enough to get a chuckle at his blurb on the back of his card - "Wang was a pleasant surprise for Yankees fans..." Wow, so much could be said here... 458E

Next up, we have the 2007 Topps Spokesperson, David Wright (Mets). According to the back of his card, he is the "up-and-coming" third baseman. I don't really follow the Mets, but it's weird to think of Wright as only "up-and-coming..." Hasn't he already arrived for the team? That is, isn't he already a team star and more? L2XN

The last player card in the pack is a "Lucky-13" card of Delmon Young. I don't understand the reference to "Lucky-13" in relation to the information about the player... No where is the number "13" mentioned... Oh well... It's an interesting card that will go into my "Devils Rays to trade" box. CD3R

And, finally, there is the MVP-in-NYC entry card. One could go to the web site shown and type in the code for an entry to win a trip to the All-Star game in New York. Once again, I am posting the code. Why? Well, if the dingleberry who is pilfering codes comes across this one, he (or she) will discover the web site no longer resolves... Aww.. Poor, thieving bast'ad...

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