Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday 2-fer-1 Special 06 Topps U&H and 05 UD MVP

Ok, fun time's over. Back to the repack box. These are two of the more blah packs in the box so I'll knock em both out at once.

2006 Topps Updates & Highlights
UH146 Willy Aybar
UH64 Todd Walker
UH223 Ivan Rodriguez All-Star
UH285 Gold parallel Miguel Cabrera Home Run Derby #0660/2006
UH264 Mariano Rivera All-Star
UH319 Texas Rangers Team Leaders

Well, a Miguel Cabrera numbered parallel is better than a kick in the junk. Got a Brave in the pack too, even if it is Willy Aybar. Todd Walker has a cool cartoon about Double Duty Radcliffe on the back of his card. A couple of All-Stars and a team leaders card round out the pack.

2005 Upper Deck MVP
8 Barry Zito
67 Mike Sweeney
56 Livan Hernandez
27 Frank Thomas
7 Aubrey Huff
BU-11 Batter Up! Eddie Mathews

The Eddie Mathews card literally makes the box for me. I can chuck the rest, I gots Eddie. I hated MVP when it came out (6 cards for $2 and this is your low end product??) but the Batter Up cards of old timers are fantastic. Barry Zito is Exhibit A of why collectors are skittish about pitchers. It makes no sense how badly he's fallen after his first couple years in the league. Big Hurt is another fine pick up from this pack.


Matt said...

I'm pretty sure we bought the same repack box...mine had 2 2006 Topps Series 2, 2 2006 Topps Updates and Highlights, 2 Topps 2006 Opening Day, 1 Upper Deck MVP, 1 2005 Topps Series 1, 1 2006 Turkey Red, and 1 2006 Bowman Heritage.

I was sucked in by the Turkey Red and Heritage showing on opposite sides.

Dinged Corners said...

The Radcliffe cartoon and the Batter Up card do almost make up for the near-certain bitter disappointment that is a repack box.