Tuesday, June 03, 2008

MVP Hockey or something

Ok, time for a pack. I've got a bunch of Topps packs but I'm sorta fed up with Topps right now. There's a playoff or something going on so let's do a Hockey pack. I only bought a handful of new Hockey cards this year, this was the best pack of the bunch.

250 Drew Stafford
178 Thomas Kaberle
106 Scott Niedermayer
140 Justin Williams
245 Chris Drury
96 Jamie Langenbrunner
201 Evgeny Malkin
OO-BL Martin Brodeur/Henrik Lundqvist One on One Dual Memorabilia
MM11 Roberto Luongo Monumental Moments
Backstage Pass ad card

Here's the deal with this pack. I bought this late last year when I was bored at Wal-Mart and I decided to buy a pack each of baseball, football, basketball and hockey. I looked around the mess all over the shelves and only found this one pack of hockey lying by itself behind a box of wrestling cards. It was either this or a pack of NASCAR to complete my 4-sport roundup so I grabbed it. I got it home, ripped and hey! dual jersey. Sweet. This would be a cool pack to post. At about the same time there was a big pack searching hullaballoo going on all the message boards and people were comparing pack searchers to pedophiles. I didn't want to deal with that shit, so I put it away in a box and forgot about it. I found it reccently while cleaning up and it's Stanley Cup time so what the hell. I'm not worried about the pack searcher patrol anymore because I just spent 50 bucks on a box of crap cards so I could build a set and I found out that they made the last card in the set a super duper short print so I may have well have just saved my money and bought a friggin factory set for less money that would still have that one card missing anyway so screw wax packs. Wax is for suckers. That's right I said it. Enjoy ripping that wax you suckers 'cause you're all a bunch of suckers. Handing over money to the card companies so they can yank the rug out from ya again and again. Suckers. Anyway, here's my hockey pack, the cards look nice, there's a Penguin in there so that must be an omen or something and there's even an insert along with the jersey. I'm going to go look through my vintage cards for a while so I can remember why I'm even in this hobby in the first place and I'll be back tomorrow with a nice pack rip for you all once I feel better.

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shoeboxlegends said...

I always appreciate some hockey cards on A Pack a Day, thanks dayf! That's actually a very decent pack, I like the dual jersey card and the Malkin is a good card also (even though he's been terrible so far in the cup finals).