Friday, February 20, 2009

2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites

Man, it's called A Pack A Day, not A Pack Every Few Days, right? You're probably wondering if we kicked the habit or something. Here's a pack of 2005 Topps Fan Favorites, which was showing on the outside of a W**-Mart repack cube. It was the primary reason I bought the cube, despite it's noticeable flaws (the hard plastic case was cracked on both the top and the bottom and there was tons of shipping tape stuck to it.)

58 - Gregg Jefferies (Jefferies was the Alex Gordon of his era, minus the gimmicked "rookie card". Oh, and he played in New York, too, but was soon dealt to KC after several seasons of intense media pressure and failing to meet expectations. He actually went on to be a two-time All-Star for the Cardinals, but hardly anyone paid attention at that point.)

90 - Clem Labine (I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know who Clem Labine is. If I had more time, I'd read up on him on Wikipedia.)

45 - Dwight Gooden (Gooden was THE card to get when 1986 Topps came out. One of the coolest things about this set is that they use different photos from the same era on the card. It's kind of like being in an alternate universe, only in that universe only Topps cards exist and they all have shiny gold stamps on them.)

118 - Steve Garvey (Here's a former Dodger that I do know. Of course, by the time I was getting seriously into baseball Garvey was best known for being quite the ladies' man and an occasional tv personality.)

81 - Michael Kay (This set is also fun because it throws you a few curve balls. I have a couple of Fan Favorites cards in my collection of Walt Jocketty, the now former Cards' GM. Here's Yankees YES Network announcer Michael Kay. I can't decide if I hate him or like him. His voice is certainly distinct.)

47 - Ernie Banks (Here's a man who needs no introduction, so I won't give one. My girlfriend likes the Cubs logo here, but lamented that it was too bad because of the team it represents. It also looks like Mr. Cub is being erased or is somehow trying to avoid sliding into a soul-sucking tornado.)


William said...

I bought the episode of "Cheap Seats: Steve Garvey Celebrity Billfishing" off iTunes and let me tell is hilarious. Steve Garvey and his friends are fun-galore.

night owl said...

Labine was probably the Brooklyn Dodgers' primary reliever during their glory days of the 1950s.

That's a great card of Garvey, even though it's an odd shot to make into a horizontal.

Michael Kay can drive ya nuts watching Yankee broadcasts. I have a co-worker that loathes him.

Anonymous said...
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