Thursday, February 12, 2009

P and C Contest 2009 - Pack 4

This is the fourth pack of the contest designed to take your mind off of spring baseball and let you focus on important things. The first three packs had eight pitchers and seven catchers and a total IP of 9789. Also eight managers. Let's see what battery participants the fourth pack holds:

Marcus Giles
No pitching or catching in either of the Giles brothers' careers.

Desi Relaford
Relaford was a SS and utility player mostly, but he did pitch an inning on May 17, 2001 in a blowout loss to the Padres. He struck out one and gave up no walks or hits.

Alex Cintron
Cintron was another SS and Util, but was never needed for a pitching emergency.

Tony Graffanino
Well we've gone without managers for a while, and instead we have the Middle Infielder Parade.

AL Hits Leaders - Vernon Wells, Ichiro, Michael Young
None of these guys has ever pitched or caught in the big leagues, but Ichiro is working out as an emergency WBC pitcher for Japan.

1944 World Series Program Cover
Um, yes, well, the 1944 World Series Program never pitched or caught in the big leagues, so we'll just move right along.

Kevin Millar
It looks like someone is about to take his wallet. Maybe it's the same guy that has stolen all the pitchers and catchers from this pack.

Fernando Tatis
Tatis showed up in the last contest as well. I'm tempted to count this as a pitcher because I'm desperate and it at least looks like he's leaning in for the signal.

Brian Jordan
I can't get any pitchers and catchers, but I can get a defensive back? Sorry, no points for NFL interceptions (five) or sacks (four). This pack is officially taunting me now. Football season is over! We want pitchers and catchers!

Reggie Taylor
Nope. Nothing.

That's, uh, ONE pitcher (just barely) and no catchers. Thursday's pack was full of mean. At least we didn't get any managers. Our totals are now at nine pitchers and seven catchers for a composite of sixteen. Total IP: 9790.

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