Friday, February 13, 2009

P and C Contest 2009 - Pack 5

Today is officially the last day of the offseason. Here is the penultimate pack of the contest designed to take your mind off of spring baseball and let you focus on important things. The first four packs had nine pitchers and seven catchers and a total IP of 9790. Also eight managers. What pitchers and catchers doth through yonder pack break?

Geronimo Gil
Yay, catcher. Right off the bat.

Orlando Palmeiro
About four years younger then Rafael, and apparently no relation. Orlando was an outfielder for 13 seasons.

Luis Matos
Another outfielder.

Grady Little
We went a whole pack without a manager, so we were overdue for one. Grady never played in the big leagues.

Brayan Pena
A catcher. Has had all of 127 AB for the Braves over four seasons. He is now in the Royals system.

Buck Showalter
We have now had more managers than pitchers or catchers. Buck looks as disturbed by the trend as I am. Buck never played in the bigs. He was a first baseman in the Yankees system, stuck behind some guy named Mattingly.

AL Home Run Leaders - A-Rod, Big Hurt, Del Got It
Delgado came up as a catcher, as noted in an earlier pack in this contest.

Brad Ausmus
Third catcher of the pack, and catchers are now tied with managers.

Dusty Baker
Smiling in the sun, thinking about which young arm he's going to destroy next. He was an OF in his playing days.

Jason Kendall
I took this pic from an angle to avoid glare on Kendall's head, and also because it looks cooler that way. Kendall pulls catchers ahead of managers, finally.

That pack was choc-a-bloc with plate blockers. Five of 'em brings our total haul to twelve catchers. The pitchers are stalled at nine, with 9790 IP. The managers are up to ten, and are trying to overtake this contest. Tune in tomorrow to find out if they succeed, and to find out who had the best guesses.

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