Tuesday, February 10, 2009

P and C Contest 2009 - Pack 2

This is the second pack of the contest designed to take your mind off of spring baseball and let you focus on important things. The first pack had three pitchers and three catchers and a total IP of 3750.67. Let's see if the second pack continues the taunting.

Jorge Posada
You may have heard of this guy. I looked him up on baseball-reference just to make sure he never pitched an inning. Nope. Has anyone ever heard of a catcher pitching an emergency inning?

Mark Grudzielanek
Grudzy never flung the spheroid or donned the tools of ignorance.

Ryan Franklin
1047.33 IP.

Darin Erstad
No points for punters.

Jimy Williams
The manager binge continues from last pack, when we had four. I'm not even gonna ask what Topps was thinking by using this photo of him. Williams got all of 13 AB in the bigs as a SS and 2B.

Mark Buehrle
1847.66 IP. And he'll be 30 this year. I don't mean to be telling stories out of school, but this could be a future HOFer.

Steve Sparks
1319.66 IP. The knuckleballer showed up in the last contest as well.

Ken Macha
Managers on parade. Macha had 380 AB over six seasons with three teams, mostly as a 3B. He played 4 games as a catcher.

Michael Young
I like the card. I wonder if he just went yard? Young has been a SS and 2B, and emergency 3B. No C, no P.

Carlos Delgado - Sporting News All-Stars
Remember when he came up to the bigs in 93 (2G,1AB) / 94 (43G/130AB)? He actually caught in 1 game in each of those years, for a total of 5 innings. Can you imagine his bat as a catcher? Would he be Mike Piazza? Carlos needs 31 HR to reach 500.

That's three more pitchers and three more catchers, for a total of twelve after two packs. Total IP: 7965.67. Sidenote: we've had six pitchers, six catchers, and SIX MANAGERS.

Get your guesses in to me before TOMORROW'S pack is posted.


Kevin said...

Sure, catchers pitch more often than you might think. Off the top of my head, Elrod Hendricks, Rick Dempsey, and Jeff Tackett are ex-O's who did it, and I think Brent Mayne and Jamie Burke have taken the mound more recently.

skoormit said...

Excellent tips. Here's what I found out:
All of those guys, except Mayne, were backup catchers when they made their pitching appearance. That's less surprising to me than seeing a number one catcher show up on the mound, which is what happened with Mayne. Mayne caught 105 games in 2000, though he was not the starting catcher on the day he pitched the 12th. He did get the win, though.

Bo said...

Rick Cerone pitched for the Yankees in a game or two in 1987.

skoormit said...

Hey, he did! July 19th at the Rangers, and August 9th at the Tigers. One inning each time, and get this: he walked one, struck out one, gave up zero hits and zero runs. In both games he was the starting catcher before getting the last three outs of a blowout loss. He was the Yankees primary catcher that season (111 G). So far, that's the ultimate catcher/pitcher performance for me.

William said...

A ton of cards from 1993 and '94 feature Delgado as a catcher -- '93 Bowman, '93 SP, '93 Stadium Club, '94 Bowman, '94 Donruss, '94 Finest, '94 Score, '94 Stadium Club...I find it crazy that he only caught 5 games.