Saturday, February 14, 2009

P and C Contest 2009 - Pack 6

Happy Pitchers and Catchers everyone! Here is the final pack of the contest. The first five packs had nine pitchers and twelve catchers and a total IP of 9790. The managers have showed up (t)en masse, trying to steal the limelight from the players. It ain't over till the last pack is opened. Here it is:

Dave Berg
Had a seven-season career and played all the infield positions and both outfield corners, but no P or C.

Deivi Cruz
Nine seasons, almost entirely as a SS.

Danys Baez
Yes, a pitcher. 541.67 IP.

Juan Cruz
This pack is Cruzing now. Cruz just finished three outstanding seasons with the DBacks. Hard to believe he is currently a free agent. 515 IP.

Postseason Highlights - Yankees over Sox
This card mentions Giambi, Rivera, and (flippin') Boone. I'm counting that as a pitcher. That's 1023.67 IP of mostly dominance. Did you know he caught a game once back in...nah, you already aren't falling for it.

Josh Labandeira
Had 14 AB in the big leagues, with no hits. Such a shame for a card so full of optimism.

Paul Quantrill
Quan brings 1255.67 IP, and pulls the pitchers ahead of the catchers.

Geoff Blum
A 3B and utility player, but never a P or C.

Sean Casey
The Mayor was a 1B and DH only. He retired this offseason and is now in the studio for the MLB Network.

Brandon Inge
Yes, ending with a catcher. That pulls catchers even with pitchers at thirteen. I used the jaunty angle on this card as well, to show off my 1337 ph070 ski11z.

The managers stayed away on P and C Day. We ended with 26 pitchers and catchers. The closest guess belonged to Alex with 27. Alex, check your email and send me your address. Everyone else, thanks for playing along. Now let's enjoy some Spring Training baseball coverage.

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