Tuesday, February 03, 2009

2005 Topps Football

Several years ago, when I first succumbed to the allure of buying sports cards again thanks to your local big box retailer, I picked up a couple of football packs and a basketball pack and promptly forgot about them. I discovered them tucked away in a box recently and thought Super Bowl Sunday would be a good time to bust out this 2005 Topps rack pack. Unfortunately, I completely ran out of time Sunday and now no one cares about football anymore. Anyway, it's time to put football to rest until the fall, with one last gasp from the past.

This came out around the time the 2006 Topps baseball rack packs came out and came with 3 "vintage" cards in them. This pack also followed the same scheme in celebration of 50 years of Topps football. The base set design apparently does not follow the lead of 2005 Topps baseball. I actually think it's one of the nicer modern Topps football designs.

378 - Brandon Jacobs (RC) (I'm pretty sure I had no idea who Jacobs was when I got this pack, so this was a bit of a surprise. As an Eagles fan, I see plenty of him now.)
325 - Joe Namath Golden Moments (Looks like there's plenty of retired players in this set, which is always nice.)
248 - Quincy Morgan (Completely forgot about him. 2005 was his last real season.)
1977 #90 - Dan Dierdorf (I love the picture. I grew up with Frank, Al and Dan on Monday Night Football. He doesn't quite have the same impact as a CBS announcer, but I think CBS football broadcasts in general are really boring.)
237 - Brett Favre (Favre was 0-5 with 2 INT in his Falcons career.)
178 - Kenechi Udeze

56 - Jerricho Cotchery (Cotchery had a nice season for the Jets in 2008. He's also got a notch in the Cool Name Dept.)
410 - Reggie Brown (RC) (Terrible looking posed photo which I just couldn't bring myself to take a picture of, even though he's an Eagle. Brown didn't do much this year. NFL rookie cards are the worst looking things.)

337 - LaDainian Tomlinson All-Pro (Being a dominant running back in the NFL is a fickle thing. Just ask Shawn Alexander. Tomlinson's numbers in 2008 were the lowest in his career, though he hasn't quite fallen down Alexander's path just yet.)
39 - Drew Bennett (Crappy Pac-10 QB turned one-year-wonder NFL wide receiver.)
299 - Nate Clements

1977 #303 - Charlie Davis (I don't know who Davis is, but he sure looks mean.)
234 - Joe Horn (Horn was a star with the Saints, but he's been out of action since an ill-fated 2007 with the Falcons.)
85 - Antwaan Randle El (I kinda like the Steelers when they had several former QBs playing other positions and would run lots of trick plays. I'm not much of a Ben Whats-his-face fan though.)

1977 #504 - J.V. Cain (Complete with authentic wax stain!)
195 - Marc Bulger (Ick.)

324 - Lawrence Taylor Golden Moments (There's only one LT.)
295 - Mewelde Moore
263 - Derrick Mason
115 - Simeon Rice
140 - Robert Gallery (One of many questionable Raiders draft picks, as he was chosen #2 overall in 2004 and has yet to develop into a Pro Bowl player.)

I also have a 2005 Topps Total pack, but I might save it for next year. As usual, all of these cards are up for grabs if anyone wants them.


Slette said...

Hey man, if you want to trade that Robert Gallery, I collect Iowa alum. I actually partied with him one night - the dude has the largest head I have ever seen. Seriously, it's like an anvil. Great guy, though.

madding said...

Nice! I'll throw it in with your stack of cards.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

What's with the three vintage cards being all '77 Cardinals? If they were the super rare Mexican versions you'd be onto something.

Unknown said...

hello...does anybody have a J.V. Cain Football card...he was my uncle and i want to purchase it for my mother...please contact me at orchidstrategies@gmail.com
thank you..
artie johnson