Monday, July 21, 2008

1987 Donruss rack pack

Hey! Quick thanks to Ben for allowing me to contribute to this blog.

Let's tear right in to the first section of a 3-section 1987 Donruss wax pack.

198 Karl Best was showing on top.

And the rest...

66 Will Clark - I always disliked Clark as a person, for some reason (not that I knew him.) But I found his half-season performance with the Cardinals at the end of his career simply astounding.

44 Pat Dodson (Rated Rookie)
632 Ray Hayward
501 Chris Bando
513 Ken Griffey
379 Dwayne Murphy
2 Roger Clemens Diamond King

115 Tony Pena
598 Brian Holton
466 Mark Gubicza - a wonderfully Royal Blue card.

333 Doug Corbett
199 Dwight Gooden

67 Ozzie Virgil
31 Benito Santiago (Rated Rookie)

Holy crap, that's a pretty damn good section of cards. We've got one sure-fire HOFer in Clemens, another Cy Young winner in Gooden, and two of the best rookie cards in the set with Clark and Santiago.

I will be giving away these cards (and all the cards I post here) over at my 88 Topps blog. Look for the regular giveaways there, and I'll be adding in the cards posted here.


Bubba said...

That's an awesome pack. I don't have a lot of '87 Donruss, so almost all of them would have been new to me. I love vintage crap (is 1987 vintage?)!

dayf said...

'87 Donruss is such a kick-ass set.