Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What? MORE 1989 Topps?

Seems to be a run on this stuff over the past week. That's probably because we've all been buying up those marvelous repack boxes. I've already completed this set, so I ripped and posted this pack for giggles. Heck, since dayf just posted a pack of 1989 Topps, why don't we make this an impromptu Pack War? Leave a comment on this post with your pick for the winner. Yoips, and away!

648 Sandy Alomar (Jr.) Future Star - Man, I thought this card was awesome when I was a kid. It was a rookie card of a player I'd heard of, how could it not be valuable? Ah, youth.
sandy by you.
633 Daryl Boston - A guy named Boston, and he never played for the Red Sox. Fancy that.

195 Ozzie Guillen - Back-to-back White Sox! Maybe this pack was meant for Steve.

382 John Smoltz RC - Hot dog! Check out the glorious dirtstache on Smoltzie.
smoltzie by you.
51 Angels Leaders - Pictured is Mark McLemore, who led the Angels in no offensive category. Okay then.

71 Mike Boddicker - To date, he is my first and only through-the-mail autograph. A decent pitcher who had a couple amazing years at the start of his career with the O's.

698 Keith Atherton - I always assumed he was signing a baseball in his photo. A closer look shows that he's just holding the ball and staring longingly at it, as if he dreams of some day being asked for an autograph. Keep reaching for that rainbow, Keith!

663 Hank Aaron Turn Back the Clock: 1974 - I've heard that this guy was pretty good. But Hank Aaron XXIV was a real loser.
hammer by you.
Topps Company Store: High quality Puffy-lettered Sweatshirt! - I was a pretty lame kid, but even I never had one of these shirts.

595 Teddy Higuera - Wow, this is before his arm fell off. Through 1988, Teddy was 69-38 over four seasons with 31 or more starts each season. From 1989-1994, he topped out at 27 starts and went 25-26.

267 Jeff (M.) Robinson - Hey, it's that schlub the Orioles acquired for Mickey Tettleton. Grr.

42 Jim Eppard - According to the B-R Bullpen, he won four minor league batting titles between 1982 and 1990. That and four bucks will get you a Blizzard at Dairy Queen.

249 Tim Leary - This cheating sack of crap broke Chris Hoiles' wrist with a pitch in 1992. Johnny Oates suspected that he was doctoring the ball, but of course Leary got away with it. Stinkin' Yankees.

279 Scott Bradley - Hit only 18 home runs in his career, but 2 came off of Dave Stewart.

219 Jim Clancy - One of the original Blue Jays, he stuck with the team for a dozen years and trails only Dave Stieb on the franchise's career wins list.

597 Terry Taylor - The only Terry Taylor I know is this guy.

Wow, that pack really ran out of steam. But does it have just enough to edge out dayf's pack? Let your vote be counted!


William said...

Your pack by a mile. Sandy Alomar and John Smoltz rookies easily beat a Dante Bichette rookie and Jim Rice late-career card.

Chris Mays said...

I'll bet even dayf picks your pack. Hard to beat a Smoltz rookie and an Aaron when you're a Braves fan.

dayf said...

HEY! You can't start an unprovoked Pack War and then drop the Smoltz rookie and an Aaron on me! That's against the Geneva convention!


Captain Canuck said...

Boom! There goes the dynamite.

Sorry dayf....

Steve Gierman said...

Kevin's pack, by a country mile. Not just for the cards, for the Henry Aaron XXIV reference. Too bad this pack didn't have Wade Boggs, because he goes down smooth.

Mike S said...

Leela: I've been training with Hank Aaron.
Coach: You've been training with the Hank Aaron?
Leela: I've been training with a Hank Aaron.

Kevin said...

Sorry dayf, dick move on my part. As a truce, I'll get off my ass and finally send you the package I've been planning. That should be in the mail by the end of the week.

dayf said...

All right then, we'll call it a draw.

I've got a few cards for you too. It's like a big 'ol love fest here at A Pack A Day!

William said...

It'd be funny if both of you were sending the other a collection of Bip Roberts cards.

Kevin said...

William - Bip Roberts, no. But I do have 50 extra Rob Dibble rookies laying around...